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Anime Profile: T&A Teacher

USA Info
Japanese Info
T&A TeacherSin Kan (シンカン)T&A Teacher
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
April 2007May 28, 2004
Critical Mass
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Noyama βŠ• Noyama βŠ•
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Professor Ayaka βŠ• Professor Ayaka βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: T&A Teacher

Ayaka is a beautiful and extremely busty teacher, and she knows it! In class, she'll wear outfits such as the one we first see her in, a lustful red suit with a short miniskirt and a shirt that reveals not just her cleavage, but part of her fancy lace bra as well. It's no wonder the tardy Togawa, an arrogant male student, decides to feel her up right in the middle of class. Too bad for Togawa, Miss Ayaka is an expert in martial arts! A quick kick to the face puts Togawa on the ground, and gives the whole class a nice view of her violet lace panties. It's too bad Professor Saiyo doesn't have Professor Ayaka's confidence and martial arts skills. After class, she comes crying to Ayaka about a student that keeps touching her.

Ayaka isn't just a martial arts master, she's also a teacher in the martial arts club. Later that afternoon we find her in the dojo during practice. She's helping out one white-belt student in particular, trying to get his stance correct. But her hands-on technique is too much for a young adolescent boy to bear, and he develops an embarrassing issue below the belt. Ayaka, being the bold woman that she is, decides to help him out with his issue... right there in the middle of the rest of the students' practice! How does she get away with this? Well, I'm sure it helps that her dad is the chairman.

T&A Teacher Afterwards, Togawa's older brother, who happens to be captain of the Karate Club, approaches Ayaka to apologize for his little brother's behavior. He then challenges her to a friendly little sparring match. How he is not distracted by the fact that she's wearing a loose fitting karate uniform with no bra, I will never know, but his concentration doesn't seem to make any difference in the match as he quickly learns he's not all that... at least not compared to the skilled Ayaka. Her moves seem downright reflexive!

T&A Teacher Anyway, a bit later on we find Ayaka retire to the vacant gym showers so that she can have a little alone time playing with herself. Somehow, Togawa finds his way in there as well, and decides to join in on her fun, despite her verbal protests. I say verbal because she those were the only kind of protests she made. She didn't stop doing what she was doing when he walked in on her, she didn't try to cover up, and she made no effort to stop him from joining in. Of course, when it was over, she reflexively gave him a hard karate kick which knocked him silly. And that's when Togawa's brother somehow walks in on them.

So apparently that kick of hers was pretty powerful, as it ended up putting Togawa in the hospital. Of course, he still seemed well enough to blackmail Professor Ayaka into giving him some "exercise"... so go figure. And this time, she actually admitted to herself that she enjoyed it.

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