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Anime Profile: Teacher's Pet

USA Info
Japanese Info
Teacher's PetNaturalTeacher's Pet
4 OVA episodes4 OVA episodes
Anime 18Green Bunny
Hentai, RomanceHentai, Romance
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Chitose Misowa βŠ• Chitose Misowa βŠ•
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Dean βŠ• Dean βŠ•
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Head βŠ• Head βŠ•
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Hotori βŠ• Hotori βŠ•
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Mariko Misowa βŠ• Mariko Misowa βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Teacher's Pet

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chitose Misowa βŠ• Chitose Misowa βŠ• President βŠ• President βŠ•
Dean βŠ• Dean βŠ• Professor Akagi βŠ• Professor Akagi βŠ•
Head βŠ• Head βŠ• Professor Haruhiko Shimatsuki βŠ• Professor Haruhiko Shimatsuki βŠ•
Hotori βŠ• Hotori βŠ• Professor Tagami βŠ• Professor Tagami βŠ•
Mariko Misowa βŠ• Mariko Misowa βŠ•

Description: Teacher's Pet

It's been three years. Three years since the lovely Mariko Misowa broke up with her boyfriend, Harukiko Shimatsuki. In that time, Harukiko, or Haru for short, finished school and is now going to be teaching at college... well, in the English version at least. The US companies have a habit of transforming high schools into colleges for hentai titles in order to make the girls more "legal". So I'm positive this is actually a high school in the Japanese version. Anyway, back to the story...

Teacher's Pet Haku enters his apartment, and is stunned to find the pink-haired Chitose Misowa, Mariko's younger sister, waiting for him inside. Chitose shows him the key to his apartment that Mariko had thrown away. She had been keeping it, she tells Haku, because all that time she has been deeply in love with him. After exposing her feelings, she feels that perhaps she shouldn't have revealed herself in such a fashion, but Haku quickly dissolves all doubts as he eases her clothes off and takes her virginity.

The next day Professor Haruhiko is introduced to his class... and who does he see is one of his students? Why Chitose of course! And when Chitose discovers that that Haru will be her professor, her thoughts instantly flow to the previous night when he taught her all about becoming a woman. Of course, she can't say anything to anyone, but that doesn't stop her from smiling! Besides, as long as she has him, it doesn't matter if nobody else can know.

Teacher's Pet But Chitose isn't the only woman on campus that has feelings toward Haru. Well, at first Ms. Tagami had a crush on another man, but on the same day she made him a special lunch from her heart, she finds out that he's getting married ... or so she says. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be real or just an excuse to offer the lunch to Haku. Whatever the reason, he accepted the invitation, and if she didn't have an infatuation with the handsome Mr. Shimatsuki before, she sure did after the lunch.

Teacher's Pet There is also a subplot going on involving Chitose being on the swim team and having a lot of pressure to lead the school to victory. Oh yeah, and Ms. Tagami just so happens to be the swimming instructor, certified by the Aquatics Assosciation no less. I'm sure that will probably makes things get weird later on. I've only seen the first episode though, so I can't tell you for sure.

And while this is probably just because I've only seen the first episode, I have to mention that this is the first hentai title I've seen where only one couple has sex. I assume we are treated to more variety in the additional episodes, but for this one episode it just seemed very sweet. Oh, and speaking of sweet, Haku normally seems like such a sweet guy, but get him in the bedroom and his kindy side starts to come out. Of course, his kinky side is still extremely mild compared to a lot of other hentai titles.

This was a nicely drawn title. The characters looked great and were all nicely proportioned, without any extreme exagerations. The animation was also smooth, and you could tell they didn't cheap out like other titles tend to do. The story looked like it could have gotten pretty good, but it seems I'll have to wait until another time to find out for sure.

Description: Teacher's Pet

After the first episode, Haru has used not only the lovely young pink haired Chitose, but also the swim coach, and the long haired blue haired girl. Also, Haru, it seems, is very stupid, or dense, when he is teaching.

As for when he is about to use the Chitose for sex, he turns into something a little bit more. He likes bondage, I can tell you that, and likes to celebrate Chitose's accomplishments in odd ways, which I can describe with one word... "Candles".

In the end, it turns out that Haru has sex with Professor Tagami and Hotori, and later on Haru has a threesome with Chitose and Tagami.

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