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Anime Profile: The Venus Files

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Venus FilesThe Venus Files
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
June 26, 20072004
Critical MassFive Ways
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Aya βŠ• Aya βŠ•
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Karen βŠ• Karen βŠ•
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Makio βŠ• Makio βŠ•
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Masafumi βŠ• Masafumi βŠ•
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Rio βŠ• Rio βŠ•
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Yayoi βŠ• Yayoi βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: The Venus Files

Now introducing the Goddess Detective Agency, featuring the mega-busty detectives Rio and Karen, and their young male apprentice Masafumi! They can crack any case! Okay, that's an unsubstantiated claim... I don't really know that for sure. I don't think they actually mention what their success ratio is... but if you want a pair of detectives with big boogs, then they're definitely the right people to call. Did I mention they have big breasts? Because they do. Think watermelon sized. Anyway, time to move on....

Enter Yayoi, a petite young thing who is a friend friend of Masafumi's, and who happens to have a crush on him. She also happens to have a new case, something dealing with drugs that make people incoherent so they can be raped... which strikes a chord with Rio. For in her past lies an event involving drugs and rape... and more specifically, it involves her sister. It's a sad tale about a couple guys who caught Rio and her sister, and when they forced the drug on her sister, she died. Thus the reason she became a detective, so that she might come across clues that would help her avenger her sister's death.

The Venus Files So Yoyoi takes Rio to this relaxation salon where her friend was apparently drugged and then had things done to her, all while they tapped in... and then afterward blackmailed her with the tapes, which caused her friend to attempt suicide. They were there to get information... "infiltration" I believed Rio called it... but before they knew what was going on, both Yoyoi and Rio were drugged, rapped and videotaped. "Thanks to Karen's quick thinking, we were able to escape the worst of it" is, I believe, Rio's explanation for how they escaped blackmail... which I think is supposed to explain why Yoyoi doesn't know about any of what happened. Seems like a cop-out to me.

The Venus Files But... Yoyoi does have a feeling that something did happen there, so to explain that Rio makes up a story about how the medicine at the salon made Yoyoi really horny, and that Masafumi helped her out to save her from herself. Yoyoi was excited to here this little bit of fake news... so much so that, later when Masafumi was alone on the roof of a building doing surveillance on an apartment, she came up to chat with him and "accidentally" gave him a nice view of her panties. And after that? Well, this is a hentai, so I think you get the idea. Unfortunately, Karen returned to the roof early, so they didn't get to finish.

The Venus Files Later that night, Karen and Masafumi are still on the roof waiting for some cheating guy to enter the apartment so they can catch him in the act. Masafumi is fast asleep when they finally arrive, leaving Karen to man the camera. As she photographs them the couple having passionate sex, she begins to get aroused herself. But pleasuring herself is just not enough, so she enlists Masafumi's help. Masafumi, who was awakend earlier by Karen's sounds, pretends to still be asleep, though he can't keep that up forever.

The Venus Files While all that was going on, Rio made some progress on their major case by being able to narrow down who distributes the drug. Unfortunately, before she can continue the investigation, another client comes through the door. This one looks like a typical teenager stoner boy, and he's requesting that they help look for his friend, whom he wants to find quickly because the dude's father is critical condition, and he wants them to see each other just in case ole' daddy takes a turn for the worse. I don't know about you, but sounds kind of suspicious to me.

The Venus Files Anyways, the plot progresses and the sex continues... it's a hentai so you should know the drill. The art, animation, dubbing, and character development are all pretty typical of a standard hentai title made this century. What makes this one a bit different from some others I think is its inclusion of over-sized breasts (yeah, even more than is typical) and breast milk orgasms. Can't say I remember see that before. The ended was left so that a sequel would be easily possible, and I really wouldn't mind seeing some more character development if that were to happen.

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