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Anime Profile: Wicked Lessons

USA Info
Japanese Info
Wicked LessonsGakuen no Shuryousha (学園の狩猟者) ("Hunter of the Campus")Wicked Lessons
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Hunter of the Campus
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
March 29, 20052004
Critical Mass
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Elena ⊕ Elena ⊕
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Haruko ⊕ Haruko ⊕
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Noelle ⊕ Noelle ⊕
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Shirone ⊕ Shirone ⊕
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Shuichi ⊕ Shuichi ⊕

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Wicked Lessons

Wicked Lessons Alas, this anime starts out on a sad note, at the funeral for Noelle's parents, who recently died in a car crash. At least the funeral brings her step brother Shuichi back into the family. He had left after his father re-married, due to a hatred he harbored for his father, but now that he is back, he has a plan, and it has something to do with his past, when his true mother were still alive. The first step... force himself on his step sister, Noelle. Totally shocked, she resists... at first... but as Shuichi continues, Noelle finds that she is not only enjoying it, but had actually wanted it for so long. When it's over, Chi tells Noelle that he will be working at the same college to which she will be going.

Wicked Lessons Once they're at college, he then uses Noelle to help assists him with some kind of investigation. And of course this investigation involves having sex with several of the women on campus, including a set of sexy green-haired triplets. Shuichi's investigation doesn't yield much useful information for the viewer, and is mainly just used as a vehicle to provide as much sex as possible, all of which are done very well. They all feel erotic and don't go too far over the top.

So once Shuichi's investigation is concluded, we are finally able to discover the reason behind Shuichi's hatred of his father and the overall purpose of his actions thus far. The one thing I will say about the ending is that it was very sad, and I really just never would have expected it to end like it did.

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