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Japanese Info
Akito WanajimaAkito Wanajima (鰐島 亜紀人)Akito Wanajima (Air Gear)
Agito WanajimaAgito Wanajima
14 years old14 years old
Deep blueDeep blue
Golden shark eye (left), gold (right)Golden shark eye (left), gold (right)
4'7"140 cm
84lbs38.1 kg
Type ABType AB
Storm riderStorm rider
"Chu!" (Akito), "F**k!" (Agito)
Blake Shepard; Illich GuardiolaKokoro Kikuchi
Air GearAir Gear

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Akito Wanajima

Akito Wanijima is an innocent, cute, and cheerful boy who has a split-personality. When the eye patch is covering his right eye, he is his normal self. He also has a child like affection towards Ikki. Ikki eventually shows him the meaning of freedom by telling him the story of a frog that yearned for the sky. Moved by this, Akito kisses Ikki and develops a crush on him.

Ikki 'rescues' Akito, and even though reluctant at first, lets him stay at his house. Akito also joined Ikki in the bath, Ikki didn't mind. Since Akito is so innocent, Ikki accepts this, since Akito won't realize the awkwardness. Akito now lives with Ikki and the Noyamano sisters, and attends Higashi Junior High School. He then becomes one of the five founding members of Kogarasumaru.

Agito is Akito's 'dark' half. When the eye patch is covering the left eye, he is in dominance of the body. Because of his violent and bloodthirsty behavior, he is often characterized as a shark. He tends to swear a lot. He uses the four hooks dangling from the straps on his legs to battle and tear people apart. After Akito is rescued from Kaito wanjima by Ikki, Agito becomes an unwilling member of Kogarasumaru. Agito is an A-class A-T user and also the current Fang King, making him one of the most valuable members of Kogarasumaru.

Character Description: Akito Wanajima

Agito/Akito has a split personality as defined by his eye patch; when you move the eye patch to cover the right eye, you see the sweet, innocent Akito and when you move the eye patch to cover the left eye, the rebellious, fierce Agito appears. They are two minds living in one body. Akito is the original and he has a big, curious eye while Agito has a smaller eye and a pupil that resembles a slit (like a shark).

Agito/Akito first appears in the anime as Agito when Ikki is at the skate shop. Agito/Akito is shorter than the other characters so he looks like a kid. Now, when Ikki first talks to him he basically calls him a 'noob' and Ikki gets upset because he thinks that Agito is just a little kid. Little does Ikki know that Agito is one of the best Air Trekkers out there...a Road King.

We get to see more of Agito/Akito's awesome skills as the story progresses. His greatness is indescribable!

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