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The AnimatrixThe AnimatrixThe Animatrix
1 OVA (9 Short Films)1 OVA (9 Short Films)
June 3, 2003
Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow PicturesSquare Pictures (Final Flight of the Osiris)
· · ·
Studio 4Β°C (Second Renaissance, Detective Story, Kid's Story, Beyond, World Record)
· · ·
Madhouse (Program, World Record)
· · ·
DNA (Matriculated)
Andy and Larry Wachowski (The Matrix)Andy and Larry Wachowski (The Matrix)
Mahiro Maeda (The Second Renaissance 1-2)
· · ·
Shinichiro Watanabe (Detective Story, Kid's Story)
· · ·
Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Program)
· · ·
Koji Morimoto (Beyond)
· · ·
Takashi Koike (World Record)
· · ·
Peter Chung (Matriculated)
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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Characters: The Animatrix

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Cis βŠ• Cis βŠ• Neo βŠ• Neo βŠ•
Duo βŠ• Duo βŠ• Trinity βŠ• Trinity βŠ•
Kid βŠ• Kid βŠ•

Description: The Animatrix

The Animatrix is an assortment of 9 feature film quality short films relating to the Matrix Universe. In a large collaborative effort between the creators of the Matrix films and many famous directors and animators in Japan, the Animatrix brings and anime spin on the Matrix universe and bring the secrets of the history of the Matrix to light.

The Second Renaissance Parts 1-2 - Told from the Zion mainframe, Second Renaissance tells of the frighteningly chaotic and grandiose events that lead to the creation of the Matrix and the machines domination of humanity.

The Final Fight of the Osiris - Serving as a precursor to the events of Matrix Reloaded, the crew of the ship Osiris discover an army of machines preparing an invasion of Zion. While the one crew member tries to relay the message of the oncoming threat through the Matrix, the rest of the crew fight desperately to survive the Machine onslaught.

Program - Cis and Duo are fighting it out in a Feudal Japan-style battle program. However Cis intends on defecting to the Matrix and plans on taking Cis with him. What decision will Cis make?

Kid's Story - A teenager who questions the nature of reality around him receives a message from Neo. Discovering the truth, agents arrive at his school in order to capture him. Will Kid be able to escape?

Detective Story - A detective hard on his luck attempts to track down a notorious hacker named Trinity. However, what he discovers when he runs into Trinity leads to an even greater mystery that he never expected.

Beyond - A young woman tries to find her lost cat. However she meets some children who discover a secret "Haunted House" which turns out to be a glitch in the Matrix.

World Record - A famous runner participates in the ultimate race and succeeds in attempting to break free of the Matrix.

Matriculated - Outside the Matrix, a group of scientists attempt to program the Machines and bring them to their side by placing one in a surreal virtual program.

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