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Anime Profile: Anime Fiction

USA Info
Anime FictionAnime Fiction
2 OVA episodes
Red Sun
Ecchi, Hentai, Romance
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Ash βŠ•
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Chung-Li βŠ•
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Faye βŠ•
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Inuyasha βŠ•
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Keitaro βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Anime Fiction

English Name
English Name
English Name
English Name
Ash βŠ• Inuyasha βŠ• Misty βŠ•
Chung-Li βŠ• Keitaro βŠ• Naru βŠ•
Faye βŠ• Mistsune βŠ• Spike βŠ•

Description: Anime Fiction

Ever wonder what it would be like if your favorite anime characters suddenly turned into raging hormonal sex maniacs? Anime Fiction answers that question. Starting with a Cowboy Bebop spoof, "Faye" does "Spike". Next, Love Tina has "Keitaro" and the girls getting drunk. When "Keitaro" gets "Naru" alone, he tries to break the ice by showing a video. It turns out to be a porn spoof of Dragonball Z. When "Keitaro" gets a nosebleed from seeing "Naru's" panties, she takes them off to stop the bleeding. They end up doing each other. It intercuts with "Keitaro" and "Naru" doing the same thing that they see on the video screen. At the end, we find out that the other girls have been watching all this time.

Anime Fiction, Vol. 2 After a scene involving a schoolgirl and a guy, we have a pair of cyborgs getting it on. It's the first in a montage of men and women doing it. In the middle of this we see "Ash" and "Misty" from PokΓ©mon doing it, though they look like they've been aged a bit (my, how Misty's chest has grown in the intervening years!). After that, it's a guy (Sanzo from Saiyuki) banging a purple-haired elf babe (Yaone). After the montage, we have a series of pictures of people naked and/or doing it. One is Naru. Another is one of the Sailor Scouts getting licked by that guy from Dragonball Z.

Extras on volume 2 have Chung Li and another girl from the Street Fighter series doing it. Here Chung Li becomes a she-male. Inuyasha is in action as well. Action is mostly one man/one woman. There are a few bondage scenes and some threeways.

Dubbing is atrocious in places; "Mitsune" sounds like a guy trying to imitate a woman. Naru has a thick British accent. Ninety-five percent of the voices sound like it was done by one of two people. Much of it has the feeling of being a doujinshi animated. It's heavy on sex, short on dialogue and plot. Ninety percent of it is PWP. Many of the pictures look like they were pulled of the internet and animated poorly. The only credit on this is the production company (there's not even a date on it).

Image Gallery: Anime Fiction Episode 1 Screenshots

Image Gallery: Anime Fiction Episode 2 Screenshots

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