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SaiyukiGensomaden Saiyuki (εΉ»ζƒ³ι­”δΌγ€€ζœ€ιŠθ¨˜)Saiyuki
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Gensou Maden Saiyuki (alternate spelling)
50 TV episodes, 1 movie, 2 OVA episodes
2000–2001April 1, 1998
AD VisionTV Tokyo
Kazuya Minekura
Yuto Date
Adventure, ComedyAdventure, Comedy
Saiyuki Reload (2nd season)
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Saiyuki Reload Gunlock (3rd season)
Cho HakkaiCho Hakkai
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Genjo SanzoGenjo Sanzo
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Characters: Saiyuki

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Cho Hakkai Cho Hakkai Sha Gojyo Sha Gojyo
Genjo Sanzo Genjo Sanzo Shien Shien
Hakuryu Hakuryu Son Goku Son Goku
Hazel Grouse Hazel Grouse War Prince Homura Toushin Taishi Homura
Kougaiji Kougaiji Dokugakuji βŠ• Dokugakuji βŠ•
Lirin Lirin Yaone βŠ• Yaone βŠ•

Description: Saiyuki

Once, men and demons lived together in harmony. But, when a band of rouge demonic forces seek to resurrect a diabolical monster, a dark spritual energy begins to cover the land, which causes the demons to start killing people. Now it's up to a renegade priest, a monkey king, a lecherous half-demon, and a sympathetic demon to stop the resurection and return harmony to this dangerous land.

Description: Saiyuki

This anime is based on a Chinese legend called "Journey to the West" and it is about the life of the "monkey king", known in Japan as Son Goku. He, along with some friends (in some versions of the story) make a huge wreck in heaven. His trademark weapon is a large pole-like thing that is red with gold ends, and it can change size and shape, and it was once a pin for the seas in heaven, which he stole. The gods subdue him by placing him underneath a mountain. A passing by monk finds him, and following a god's instructions, frees him, but puts a gold band on his forehead to control him. In his gratitude, Son Goku accompanies the monk on his journey to send a holy scripture the west. Along the way, they meet two other companions, a pig that they name "one with eight main problems", them being drinking, fighting, etc., and a half-man half-demon that is passive and calm.

However, the anime is only loosely based on this; the monk, who is peaceful and helpless, whose flesh makes one immortal in the legend, his now converted to Sanzo, a slightly insane monk who drinks, smokes, and fights. However, the Maten Scripture that he uses is the equivalent of the holy scripture that he was to send to the west.

The half-man half-demon is converted to Gojyo, who seems to have picked up the pig's traits; smoking, drinking, and womanizing. The pig, is now turned into a passive, clever demon who is polite and very unlike the original. Son Goku's personality is pretty much preserved, he likes to eat, and is quite immature sometimes.

In the anime, a gang of demons had previously decided to unleash a dangerous monster that spreads basically evil throughout, making other demons go around and kill everyone. The four go on a journey to kill the demons, stop the monster, and bring peace that had been lost to the world.

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