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Son GokuSon GokuSon Goku (Saiyuki)
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Son Gokou (alternate spelling)
About 18 years (plus 500 years in statis, born April 5)About 18 years (plus 500 years in statis, born April 5)
About 5'4"162 cm
About 112 lbs51 kg
Type OType O
Traveling companion to SanzoTraveling companion to Sanzo
"I'm Hungry!""Haraheta!"
Greg AyresHoshi Souichirou
SaiyukiGensoumaden Saiyuki

Character Description: Son Goku

Goku was born in a rock egg that for centuries contained the Earth's aura. He was imprisoned in a rock cage on a mountain for 500 years until Sanzo freed him.

The gold coronet he wears is forged from the gods. If he ever takes it off, he turns into the Great Sage Equal to Heaven: Seiten Taisen Son Goku. In this form he is so powerful, not even the gods can fight back!

Goku loves to eat and fight at first, but he can be very emotional sometimes. His weapon is a Nyoibou (Almighty Staff) which can grow quite long and turn into a Sansetsukon (three jointed sticks).

Seiten Taisen and Goku were both born from the five heavenly scriptures.

Character Description: Son Goku

Born from a rock that was fused with the Earth's aura, Goku becomes one of Sanzo's companions in his journey west. Goku has somewhat of a simple mind. His sole concerns are fighting or eating.

Goku first met Sanzo when Sanzo freed him from the prison he was in.

Goku carries with him a staff which can grow to a infinite length, and can also become double jointed. The band that Goku wears on his head helps him control his demon powers. In episodes 7 and 21, this band comes off.

The Youkai Power Limiter across his head prevents him from losing control of Seiten Taisen, the Youkai version that probably got Goku imprisoned in the first place.

500 years ago Goku was the best of friends with the young prince of war himself, Nataku. However Nataku's father forbid to let Nataku see Goku because Goku was Youkai.

Goku first lost control and the Youkai Power Limiter broke, causing all Hell to break loose as he transformed into Seiten Taisen after seeing Sanzo get stabbed by Rikudo/Shuei, an old friend of Sanzo before his master died.

Character Description: Son Goku

Goku starts off as a young and lost child, whom had never known love or kindness, his personality seems more lots then ever. Often cheerful and wonders, Goku starts off as any child, his spirit is free and invincible.

In the anime series, Saiyuki Gaiden, Goku had been taken in and raised by a man named Konzen. He was the nephew of a goddess that had given the people on Earth mercy. Unknown to anybody what Goku's name was Seiten Taisen, Konzen had declared that his name would be Son Goku. Goku fears Konzen until Konzen insisted on shaking his hand.

Goku's given name, Son Goku was a spin off of his real name, Seiten Taisen, an unstoppable demon that not even he gods would want to face. Upon having a golden limiter on his head, Seiten Taisen is locked within Goku. Over all specifications, Seiten Taisen and Son Goku are complete opposites.

Later, Goku looks a whole lot older than before. Now a powerful, birth ridden demon, Goku's main focus is food and fight. Still a very happy person, Goku has a strong spark to Sanzo.

500 years passed and Goku still remained in the caves. Then one day a monk named Sanzo appears claiming that Goku had been calling out to him. With an offering of his hand, Sanzo had released Goku from the chains that held him to the cave.

Goku's main weapon is the Nioybol, which can extend to an enormous length. He is also quite well with hand to hand combat.

Joining in is Sha Gojyo, who Goku loved to fight with over food. Hakkai is a parenting figure and very much adored by Goku. Sanzo, strangely as seen like the sun as well as the man from his past, Konzen.

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