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Star BlazersUchuu Senkan Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) ("Space Battleship Yamato")Star Blazers
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Space Battleship Yamato
77 TV episodes77 TV episodes
Office Academy/Claster/Sunwagon Productions/Westchester
Leiji Matsumoto
Leiji Matsumoto
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Characters: Star Blazers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Derek Wildstar Susumu Kodai Krypt ⊕ Hisu ⊕
Nova Yuki Mori Leader Desslok ⊕ Leader Dessler ⊕
Bane ⊕ Gantsu ⊕ Mark Venture ⊕ Daisuke Shima ⊕
Captain Avatar ⊕ Admiral Juzo Okita ⊕ Orion ⊕ Hikozaemon Tokugawa ⊕
Dr. Sane ⊕ Dr. Sakezou Sado ⊕ Queen Starsha ⊕ Queen Stasha ⊕
Ganz ⊕ Tukoruto ⊕ Sandor ⊕ Shirou Sanada ⊕
IQ-9 ⊕ Analyzer ⊕ The Commander ⊕ Hyokuro Todo ⊕

Description: Star Blazers

The ultimate animated space opera! This was no ordinary cartoon series... in most cartoons there was a theme particular to each episode, a different enemy, etc. In Star Blazers, you meet the characters at the beginning of the series and watch their personalities develop through three major sagas. The first two are 26 episodes in length and the third is 25 episodes.

Throughout the series, the characters find themselves at war, not only with their main enemies Desslok of Gamilon and Prince Zordar of the Comet Empire, but amongst themselves as well. In time, these rivalries fade and relationships form between some of the major characters.

The first saga, Quest For Iscandar, is the fight to reclaim Earth from the destruction caused by the planet bombs released by Desslok of Gamilon. The second saga details their exploits against Prince Zordar of The Comet Empire, and his attempt to conquer the earth. The third saga, The Bolar Wars, pits the Star Force and Desslok (yes, they become friends) against the Bolar Federation

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