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Character Profile: Sha Gojyo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sha Gojyo Sha Gojyo Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki)
Kenren Taisho Kenren Taisho
· · ·
"Pervy water sprite"(to Goku) "Erokappa"(to Goku)
1/2 human, 1/2 demon 1/2 human, 1/2 demon
Male Male
22 years old(November 9th) 22 years old(November 9th)
Red Red
Red Red
6'0" 184 cm
166 lbs 75.3 kg
Type AB- Type AB-
Playboy of the Group Playboy of the Group
"Stupid monkey" "Baka saru."
Illich Guardiola Hiroaki Hirata
Saiyuki Gensou Maden Saiyuki

Character Description: Sha Gojyo

Sha Gojyo is a half breed, half-human and half-demon, so he doesn't need a power limiter. His weapons is a Jakujou (a staff with a crescent moon blade attached with a chain). Gojyo is a ladies man, but is very picky about his women. He is best friends with Hakkai, smokes like a chimney, and gambles (he wins all the time, except against Cho Hakkai). It may not seem like it, but he is the big brother type. He also bickers with Goku a lot.

In his former life, Gojyo was known as Kenren Taisho. He was a general in Heaven's army. His closest friends in Heaven were Tenpou (Hakkai), Konzen (Sanzo), and Goku but they were all expelled from heaven. Goku was trapped in the cave Sanzo found him in, and Kenren, Konzen, and Tenpou were reborn as mortals. None have any memories of their past lives.

Editor's Note: I'm told that in the brief description at the beginning of each book, Gojyo is listed as being 184 cm (which is about 6 feet). A few people also told me that a height of about 8 feet is specified in the first Saiyuki book, and the picture below seems to verify that. However, that image must also be a mistake, because there is just no way these characters are upwards of eight feet tall. Perhaps it was a translation error, or perhaps the Japanese accidently converted the measurements incorrectly.

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