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Character Profile: Kougaiji

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kougaiji Kougaiji Kougaiji (Saiyuki)
Kou Kou
· · ·
Demon Prince Demon Prince
Demon Demon
Male Male
Over 500 years old(appears about 19 years old) Over 500 years old(appears about 19 years old)
Dark red Dark red
Violet; Red Violet; Red
Demon Prince, Lirin older half-brother Demon Prince, Lirin older half-brother
"I saw the light. But you probably wouldn't understand." "I saw the light. But you probably wouldn't understand."
Vic Mignogna Takeshi Kusao
Episode Episode
Saiyuki Gensou Maden Saiyuki

Character Description: Kougaiji

Kougaiji, the son of Rasetsunyo and Gyu Maoh, is the one sent to assassinate the Sanzo-ikkou and take the Maten Scripture. His team is usually called the Kou-tachi. The team contains Gojyo's older half brother, Dokugakuji, a pharmacist's daughter, Yaone, Kougaiji's half sister, Lirin, and himself.

The boy isn't really bad, he just is following his step-mother, Gyokumen Koushu's orders in order to free his sealed mother. He has a rivalry with Son Goku. He cares very much about his sister and his friends, and is very loyal. Despite his loyalty, he despises his step-mother.

In Saiyuki Reload episode 14 or 15, Nii gave him a bracelet to enhance his strength. He used it in a fight with Hakkai, Goku, and Gojyo while Sanzo had been knocked out due to being poisoned by a demon. Goku had shattered the bracelet with his Nyoi-bo, which caused Kougaiji's body to have severe damage. Gojyo's older brother took him back to the castle where Dr. Nii and the another doctor were waiting. That's when he was taken into Nii's care.

Kougaiji was then turned into an assassin that wouldn't stop at anything to get the Maten Scripture, killing everything and everyone in his way. Though, later in the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock episodes and in the third manga of Saiyuki Reload, Kougaiji is brought back to normal.

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