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Character Profile: War Prince Homura

USA Info
Japanese Info
War Prince Homura Toushin Taishi Homura War Prince Homura (Saiyuki)
Prince Blaze Homura  
God God
Male Male
500 years old 500 years old
Black Black
Gold(right eye), blue(left eye) Gold(right eye), blue(left eye)
God God
  "Konzen, I'll get that lection. Same to you, Son Goku, your power is mine"
Jason Douglas Moshikawa Toriyuki
Episode 24 Episode 24
Saiyuki Gensou Maden Saiyuki

Character Description: War Prince Homura

Homura is a God. Shien and Zenon work with him to create the new world. He used to have a lover called Rinrei. But he was not supposed to be with her as he is a heresy (a heresy is a forbidden child of a God and a human just like Gojyo- a son of a human and youkai). In the end, Rinrei was sent to the world. He once visited Rinrei's tomb. Homura first appeared at episode 24 with and orb in his cape. He took on all the youkais that wanted to kill Sanzo at once.

Homura has a fire sword that can produce a dragon and he defeated Kougaiji many times with it. His right eye is golden like Goku as he and Goku are heresy.

At episode 50, he took out his chain on his hands. He unleashed his power that made him much more powerful. His eyes will turn into golden and blue light. However, he lost to Goku as he had lost control of his power. After that, he died at the new world he created. He didn't want to die in the real world because he didn't want to die at the corrupted Heaven and Earth. However, I noticed that he never calls Sanzo by his name. He always calls Sanzo Konzen.

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