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6 Tips For A Successful Anime Marathon Posted Jan 2, 2021

Anime is one of Japan’s greatest contributions to the world of entertainment. It has been around for more than 50 years and today, it is one of the most popular forms of television shows. The popularity of anime has also reached worldwide fame and it is now possible to stream or watch shows online on many different platforms such as websites dedicated to streaming shows, as well as mobile apps that can be downloaded into your phones for a more convenient platform.

Since there are a lot of amazing anime shows, one way to keep up would be doing anime marathons. To be able to do this, remembering these tips would come in handy:

1. Have plenty of sleep before the anime marathon.

One of the most common issues faced when doing anime marathons would be falling asleep while in the middle of watching an anime. This could be avoided if you get to have adequate sleep on the day (or at least hours) before the marathon. Also, you will have more energy to stay awake and alert, for you to process every information in the anime that you are watching.

2. Free your schedule.

The first step in planning an anime marathon would be to clear your schedule. Do everything you need to do beforehand so that it will not distract you when you are already watching. Making sure that there would be no messages or calls (from work or from social media) that could ruin the watching experience would also be essential. Through this, the momentum would not be interrupted and you get to enjoy every episode as long as you want to.

3. Get everything ready.

Make sure that the viewing area is clean. Prepare the equipment needed and the setting. Set up the computer or projector and screen, and make sure that there is proper lighting so that no glares on the screen would hinder you from watching clearly. The anime streaming sites or apps to be used should be ready as well. By making sure that everything is in place, less time would be lost for late preparations and interruptions.

4. Prepare your snacks and drinks ahead.

Get some snacks and drinks for you to consume while watching. Make sure that you have already cooked your food or have them delivered before starting to watch, so that small breaks to get or to prepare food and drinks would not cause a delay. It is very distracting to watch when you are hungry or lacking energy so easy to prepare food would be great for anime marathons.

Several snacks to consider when having anime marathons include pizzas, burgers, fries, and other finger foods that are easy to eat. These foods, however, can make you fat so you better consider having supplements. Check some detailed analysis of supplements that can help you stay in shape. It is beneficial to learn more about this for you to know the better choices in keeping yourself fit even if you are having a lot of series marathons.

5. Set up a comfortable viewing area.

When setting up a spot for binge-watching anime shows, it is important to pay attention to posture. The couch, bed, or other areas where you plan to sit while watching should have soft pillows, cushions, or other items that could help make you feel comfortable. Through this, cramps, stiff necks, and other muscular pains would be avoided. Proper posture would be achieved by

A cozy spot and a projector or viewing screen that is clear and large enough should be prepared beforehand, as well as a good quality and functioning speaker. The quality of visuals, background music, and sounds would be the main part of the anime marathon, so it is better to consider these for you to have a good watching experience.

The proper lighting should also be observed. Decide ahead if you want to watch with all the lights out, so that only the light of the viewing screen would illuminate the surroundings, or if you want to add an adequate amount of lighting that would match the mood of the anime marathon.

6. Choose the anime you are most interested in.

There are a lot of anime genres to choose from. Anyone could have one or more favorite anime in each genre. To avoid switching to different and random anime shows, choose the anime that you are most interested in. Be decided if you want to focus on watching only new anime shows, only classic ones, or only long-running anime series. If you want a mix of different genres, you should prepare a list before doing the marathon and make a playlist of these anime shows so that your watching experience would go smoothly.

These are the important things to consider for a successful anime marathon. Whether watching alone or watching with friends, ensuring that all these tips are followed would result in the best anime marathon experience.

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