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A Real-Life Spice & Wolf! Setting Up Your Own Anime-Related Business Posted Jun 23, 2021

A Real-Life Spice & Wolf! Setting Up Your Own Anime-Related Business

If you are a devotee of anime culture, this unique passion is something that may stimulate you to create some sort of business out of it. But what sort of business can you set up? An anime store is one of the best approaches because you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, but it's important to remember that you need to have some business acumen. While people partake in online shopping, what does it really take to make sure that you do it properly?

Conducting Research Into Fandom

It's important to realize that when you are working on setting up a store of this magnitude and you've got to keep tabs on what other merchandise sellers are offering. This means that you can differentiate yourself from the competition. However, if you rely on this, you will always be playing catch-up. To get a distinct advantage, make sure you keep in the loop with regard to everything in the anime industry. This will include the games, comics, and movies and what fans prefer. Also, never underestimate the fact that people want to have easy access to products, and don't have the time to mess around online. This is why you can think of implementing easy access to products, by creating a QR code, and also remembering that with your market, there's plenty of forums to scour. Even though you are dedicated to animate yourself, you still have to go one step further to recognize how you are able to beat the competition.

Can You Create Print-On-Demand Products?

If you have the budget, you can produce them in bulk by yourself, or you can purchase licensed books, comics, and figurines from manufacturers. If you are selling merchandise online, utilizing print-on-demand services can be a cost-friendly option. You can print a variety of items, such as mugs, posters, and t-shirts, so you can grow your inventory almost infinitely. However, you must consider the costs. When you print on design, the cost per item is higher than when you purchase in bulk. But you can always order sample items before you are for them to the customers so you are aware of the quality.

Can You Sell Officially Licensed Products?

You can do t-shirt designs based on your favorite characters, but if you want your business to survive, you will need to get licensing, and this means approaching the owners of the trademark. Without any licensing agreement, any merchandise could be seized, or you can get sued! Your business will shut down as a result. There are two different types of licensing contracts: exclusive licenses, where you can produce and sell merchandise, and not exclusive, where you are one of the numerous sellers. Many people opt for the latter, but this usually means they only have a certain number of items that they can sell, therefore limiting their scope. You should also check the length of the licensing contract, which would be around two years, and depending on the type of store you are setting up, whether it's online or a brick-and-mortar, you may need to pay more fees. To create an anime store, it's not just about having passion, although this can help, you need to have the business acumen as well.

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