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Aggretsuko Goes Mobile As Gaming Once Again Embraces Anime Posted Nov 13, 2019

Take a cute-looking red panda, throw in a frustrating office job and finish off with a light dusting of death metal karaoke. While that may sound like a strange mix of ingredients for a TV show, that is ultimately what you get when you experience Aggretsuko.

Created by Sanrio and originally shown on TBS Television between 2016 and 2018, the show has taken on a new lease of life in the past couple of years thanks to an adaptation by Netflix. Not only that, but as Rotten Tomatoes shows it has become a big hit with both critics and audiences alike.

Now, the brand is all set to become a success in mobile gaming too, thanks to the launch of a new title based on the hugely popular creation.

Story-based fun

The Hollywood Reporter recently confirmed that a game based on Aggretsuko was being launched on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, thanks to an agreement between Sanrio and the MomentSQ game platform. According to the website, the action in the title plays out through an instant messaging app where gamers interact with various characters from the much-loved show. It is also the headline title for the launch of MomentSQ, which was been created by AVM Lab for the production of story-based games across a range of genres. New elements of the game will be released in ‘chapters’, with each expected to become available for purchase during the next few months.

Gaming on the go

While the launch of the game is undoubtedly big news for existing fans of Aggretsuko, the minds behind the title may well be hoping that its release will ultimately attract fresh blood towards the franchise. After all, a huge number of people are now thought to enjoy mobile gaming, with research released earlier this year by Newzoo and Activision Blizzard Media even estimating that 2.4 billion smartphone and tablet owners across the world are expected to play games this year alone. So many different forms and styles of gaming are thriving in the mobile world at present, with Nintendo even taking a step into the area with the likes of Super Mario Run, Dr Mario and more recently a title based on the ever-popular Mario Kart. Other big video game franchises like Call of Duty and Fortnite also have a presence in the area, while online casino gaming is available too. Online casinos like Betway even offer gamers both the option of an optimized mobile site or an app if they want to access their games while on the move. Furthermore, Aggretsuko is just the latest in a number of anime-inspired titles to make a splash in the mobile world in recent years.

Anime gaming hits

Few anime-related multimedia franchises are quite as huge as Pokemon and the augmented reality-infused title Pokemon Go is arguably one of the most successful mobile games ever made. Statista predicts that there could be 67 million players of the game in the US by next year, while it is anticipated there could be 311 million people playing it in the Asia Pacific region at the same point too.

Other notable mobile games based on anime include Fire Emblem Heroes, another major hit which was originally released by Nintendo back in 2017. Furthermore, One Piece has even been transformed into a mobile game with One Piece Treasure Cruise, an RPG which is thought to have racked up more than 100 million downloads to date. All of this undoubtedly highlights how anime is thriving in the world of pop culture at the moment, with Cowboy Bebop even being adapted into a live action series by Netflix. As such, it undoubtedly seems like a good time for an Aggretsuko game to be released.

Unlikely to be the last

The title is undoubtedly exciting news for fans of the series and anime in general, while it also puts a spotlight on how mobile has become one of the fundamental ways that people enjoy gaming these days. It will be intriguing to see whether the new Aggretsuko game proves popular, while at this point it is hard to bet against it being the last anime franchise to be given the mobile treatment.

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