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Among Us - a Simple Title That Changes the Concept of Gaming Posted Sep 17, 2020

Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for different ways to entertain themselves. Humans are curious beings and we need something to keep our brains occupied. That's why there have been all sorts of games throughout history. Some of those evolved into high-paid sport competitions that we know today. Then, there are casinos which are reaping rewards of our need to play and gamble. Whatever the end goal of games may be, we still love playing them in one way or another.

In the last few decades, video games have been on a rise. Ever since Pong came out way back in 1958, we have been building on that basis, evolving and perfecting the art of video gaming. Since that time, we've come a long way and this electronic form of entertainment is now a multi-million dollar industry that keeps rapidly gaining popularity. From artists, programmers, and developers who create various interesting titles to businessmen, companies, and publishers that market those and bring them to a wide audience, everyone wants a piece of that cake. Then, there's such a thing like an everlasting war between console and PC gamers that can get pretty hardcore from time to time.

Nowadays you have anything from hentai porn games to sports games to adventures, graphic novels, MMOs, RPGs... The list goes on to no end. There are so many games, with more coming out every day, that it's impossible to name them all, let alone play them. That's why there are different genres that suit different tastes, ensuring people get to play what they like and not spend time on games that don't fit them. However, regardless of how far we've gone, things can sometimes get stale. Today, it's becoming a rare occurrence for a title to hype up the world like some games used to in the past. Technology is rapidly expanding, we're getting more powerful PCs and consoles on a daily basis but, as far as gaming is concerned, having some sort of a major breakthrough is becoming a rare thing. Video games of today are having stunning visuals that we could've only dreamed of a decade ago. Storytelling has gotten so good games are now being compared to books and movies. Game designers are now hiring popular celebrities to take part in the creation process. There are VR titles that take you one step closer to the realism. Oftentimes, everything is being done in order to enhance immersion and help you experience the game as real as possible. As a result, we now have titles take take up multiple terabytes of digital space. And let's not even start about the wonders that neat 3D porn games offer.

With all those massive, popular, and expensive triple-A titles circling around, one tiny video game, that you can even play on a smartphone, took the world by storm. Combining video gaming with real life experience, Among Us is an interesting and innovative approach to an online multiplayer. There are no complicated controls or game mechanics and the graphics are fairly modest. After all, the game takes just a couple dozen megabytes. But where it really does shine is in the fun aspect. You get to enjoy gaming with a group of friends like never before. Instead of focusing on the game, you focus on each other. Work together to figure out which one of you plays as an impostor. Communicate in order to ensure victory or deceive and sabotage them as a villain to come out on top.

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