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Anime Slot Machines Posted Nov 25, 2019

It should come as no surprise that gambling, both online and land based, is a trend that is spreading as fast as the rumours about Y2K. What we have seen is a spike of anime fans exploring the world of online gaming and naturally we had to check out what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, we discovered far more than we bargained on and as fate would have it, we have created an anime slot machine beast of a list. Through our journey of exploration we stumbled upon some of the most intricate slot machines, designed by notorious online gambling developers, and decided to share with the world our treasure map. Check out some of the really cool features these games offer and while you’re at it read about Payforit as it may go hand in hand with your newfound anime slot machines.

Magical Stacks

As the name suggests, this visually enhanced anime theme slot offers loaded features including stacked wilds. The stacked cubes in the game help players form far more lucrative combinations than that of lower paying symbols. Why we love it? Apart from offering a bonus game, free spins, re-triggers and special symbols, the game boasts anime graphics in the form of a classic fruity video slot game. The simple combination is incredible to watch and shows off developers who are most assuredly anime fans.

Fortune Girl

This is a Microgaming slots development which already sets it apart from other slots. This developer has almost every genre of slots gaming under its belt and Fortune Girl is one more addition that boasts the gaming developer’s talents. With 15 paylines the game may initially seem hard to crack but with features such as stacked mystery symbols and scatter which could multiply winning by 6000, there is every chance of unlocking great wins while appreciating the 3D anime graphics that quite literally ‘pop’ on the screen.

Koi Princess

NetEnt is the one to take the credit of this sensational video slots game. It has been designed with 5 reels and 20 paylines and like most 20 paylined slots, there is an abundance of features. You can expect to see all the special symbols including wilds and scatters and then there is 4 possible random features to look forward to throughout game play. The graphics depict a beautiful princess that is in need of rescuing throughout the story, a game that is both beautiful and exciting.

Sakura Fortune

QuickSpin went all out in this magical creation of anime and cherry blossoms. Designed with 30 paylines this development really only has one great feature and that’s the free spins. However, despite lacking in features, the game certainly impresses with graphics.

As you can see there are many anime slot machines to choose from, these are simply the ones that caught our attention by way of delivering fantastic graphics, intricate features and awesome payouts. There are several others, all designed by leading gaming giants, that also leave players wondering when the next anime creation will launch itself into the realm of gambling.

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