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Blu Ray Review: Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 4 Posted Feb 21, 2019

Blu Ray Review: Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 4
Image: Star Wars Rebels via Facebook

My Score: 4/5

The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels was released on Blu Ray in 2018 – if you haven’t yet seen it, make time now. This is a season that takes risks, faces new challenges, and ups the standard of anything previously seen by the Star Wars Rebels team.

Not everyone will agree with certain plot choices (ahem, time travel). Not everyone will agree with the characters lost along the way (there will be losses) but by the end of the series, by the final credit roll, I can safely say I was satisfied by the journey taken.

Rebels has had it hard these past few years – many fans weren’t happy with the cancellation of Star Wars: Clone Wars, and as such, Rebels had a tough reception from the start. It had thin, spindly light sabres, new characters and a decidedly more PG approach. It had a slow plot build. It had filler. With so many other programs on television, online and so many other forms of entertainment around, Rebels has had to work hard to earn its fanbase despite the criticisms it received.

Opinions are everywhere these days (this article being case in point). There are reviews, comparisons, rambles and videos on everything from gambling online to tennis shoes to action figures. Critics compare the minutia of the best websites and products, the best jackpots and bang for your buck, every day (deposit x, play with y, +150 free spins, etc.). Rebels has through the same media wringer as every other show out there as a result, even more so because of its franchise. The end result? If you’re researching sites, reviews, comparisons and rambles on whether or not to spend time and money on Rebels season four, our answer is yes.

The soundtrack is astounding as ever, with special feature Rebel Symphony on the Blu Ray edition a particular highlight. The characters continue to grow, bond, win and lose. The villains are more than satisfactory (looking at you, Admiral Thrawn), the plot twists surprising and the ending poetically suitable. The rebel crew of the Ghost take things back to where they all began in Season 4: to Lothal, protagonist Ezra’s home world and the scene of final confrontation between the forces of light and dark.

With cameo approaches by the Empower, Master Yoda, Ahsoka and even Ezra’s long lost parents, you know things are about to get awesome. Without spoiling too much, Season 4’s ending was both open-ended and rather final, jumping forwards in time to Star Wars: Episode 6, jumping forwards to show the fates of the crew, jumping forwards to the victory of the rebellion over the forces of the Empire.

Could a sequel series be on its way? Perhaps. For now, we have Star Wars Resistance on its way.

Special Features

  • Six Audio Commentaries – Featuring Dave Filoni (Executive Producer)
  • Ghosts of Legend – As paths come together, we explore the journey of the Ghost crew with some of the talented people who brought them to life.
  • Force of Rebellion – Executive Producer Dave Filoni shares insights into the Force and its importance across the Star Wars saga.
  • Kevin Kiner: The Rebel Symphony – Go behind the scenes with composer Kevin Kiner to discover what inspired some of the most iconic music in the series.
  • Rebels Recon – Go behind the scenes with the cast and the crew in 8 entertaining and information-packed episode recaps.

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