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Casino Life and Anime Posted May 18, 2020

The Japanese and anime are intertwined in a rich culture of film makers who take edgy subject matter and show it in such a way that is both visually entertaining and compelling that appeals to many movie buffs. This affinity with anime is well documented, but what might prove surprising to some is that the popularity of blending anime with the excitement of the casino.

In fact, if you consider how much the Japanese enjoy games of both skill and chance then it becomes not so surprising that the subject of gambling makes it into their beloved anime movies, after all the glitz and the glamor of casino life has been used successfully in many block-buster world-wide enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of people.

Entertainment Online

For the last few months the world has been put on pause, with most of the hospitality including theatres, cinemas, casinos and sports venues amongst others all being closed, and as it is very uncertain when these venues will open again many people are looking online to source their entertainment, including those who enjoy anime and those that enjoy having a bet or wager online.

For those who enjoy having a bet then it’s vital that the online casino they choose comes from a list of trusted websites where all the online casino sites have been tried and tested for their safety, security and enjoyment factor. Only then can potential players know that the sites that they are visiting are those that give only the best value.

For those that would like to check out the best anime/gambling related films the list below give some of the very best which have stood the test of time remaining popular to this day.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

The Legendary Gambler Tetsuya was initially broadcast across the world back in 2000, yes 20 years ago! This movie proved to be massively popular with the storyline revolving about Tetsuya, a successful gambler who takes great joy in defeating his opponents, raking in massive amounts of money whilst the rest of Japan is struggling win the wake of a war.

Finally, Tetsuya is defeated by a better player Boushu-san and after he is defeated he realizes that he knows very little about the world of gambling and so Tetsuya go on to give everything he has in order to get back to the top of his game.

This is a classic anime and a wonderful example of the genre at its very best. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is well worth adding to ‘as must see’ list.


Beginning its’ life back in 2014 as a manga comic Kakegurui (and its whole associated universe) was created by Homura Kawamoto with its brilliant illustrations created by Toru Naomura.

Revolving around a special gambling school which teaches the students there how to become expert card counters. An edgy subject in itself, but then the movie takes a dark twist as when students don’t perform they then have to become subservient to their peers. The school environment carries on in this way until it is turned on its head when a whimsical transfer student arrives.

Still considered one the great anime gambling movies of all time even if six years old this anime movie is both entertaining and unique.


Another movie that started out as a comic is Kaiji which is probably better known today as an anime series and hit live-action movie franchise. Both written and also illustrated by Nobuyuki Fukumoto Kaiji has been in publication since 1996

At its’ core is Kaiji and the story surrounding him and how he got into a deal with they Yakuza. The deal was for him to gamble his way to freedom or forfeit his life.

Kaiji is a splendid project, the plot is superb and it is definitely one to put on any ‘need to see’ list.


First published way back in 1991 by Fukumoto (who is the genius behind Kaiji) Akagi is another darkly intense anime movie which is not scared of tackling the topic of gambling and its’ darker side.

As Kaiji is about to lose his life in a game of cards with the yakuza we first meet Akagi who is a master gambler who arrives to play and then defeat the yakuza, winning the freedom of Kaeji and making himself pretty wealthy as well.

Both complex and richly created in the true spirit of the anime movies Akagi remains a firm favorite with many anime lovers

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