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The Expensive Anime Figures That You Might Be Able To Buy Posted Jun 7, 2021

The Expensive Anime Figures That You Might Be Able To Buy
Photo by Aaron Cass on Unsplash

If you’re an anime fan then you’ll be familiar with all the merchandise around, especially from the home of anime, Japan.

Some of the standout pieces of merch you can get are anime figures, those beautiful pieces of art that look awesome standing on a shelf next to your magazine collection.

Some figures demand sky-high prices thanks to their brilliant design and the huge demand for them, like the solid-gold Monkey D. Luffy that fetched $200,000 in an auction.

But what about those pieces of anime art that people like us could afford? Here are some examples that might not break the bank, plus one special suggestion, just in case.

Victorique de Blois Porcelain Doll $800-1000

The level of detail that goes into this beautiful piece of porcelain is astonishing, and you might think the price would be higher. However, while a $1,000 is a lot of money for most people, you also don’t need to get the winning lottery numbers to afford it.

The figure has a 19th century look to it, with its Victorian-style clothes and antique design, and it’s a copy of the female protagonist in light novel series Gosick. If you’re lucky, you might pick up one for around $800, which might even turn out to be a bargain in a few decades’ time.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Statue Of Rei - $1,500

Life-size anime figures make for great collectibles and fans around the world frequently trade in them online and at conventions. Some of the most popular characters have received the life-size treatment, including Asuka, Kaworu and Rei.

While many sell for thousands of dollars, it is possible to get some for a cheaper price. The Evangelion Statue of Rei normally costs somewhere between one and two thousand dollars which, while it might test many people’s budgets, is pretty good value for such a beautifully designed figure.

Often the figures are made to order, so you may also get the satisfaction of knowing that your statue was created just for you.

DX Soul of Chogokin Figure (Mazinger Z) - $400

If you’re someone who wants size for your money, then the Mazinger Z won’t disappoint. This super robot certainly is life-size and displays an intricate attention-to-detail that most other figures of its size simply don’t have.

The price of $400 means good pound-for-pound value, but its sheer bulk means you might have to pay hefty shipping costs for the toy. You will also get several accessories, though – a remote control, for example, is a fun way to control the robot’s movements from a distance, but it may need some powerful batteries that are not included, unfortunately.

While makers Bandai are sure to release more figures in the future, it’s doubtful they’ll match the size of the Mazinger, so it could be a fine collectible to own.

Levi and Eren figures - a few hundred dollars

Some of the most possible figures on the market, Levi and Eren are famous for their beautiful design and are popular with Attack on Titan fans. They started out as gifts for Japanese lottery winners and their limited-edition status added to their attraction. Their popularity has since spread overseas to the point that a new sub-industry has appeared: Japanese forwarders, people who source the toys and export them for a fee. These are now a major part of the Japanese internet shopping industry.

Seeing as there are only a certain number of the figures out there, it’s likely that their value will increase over time, making its current price a potential steal.

And...just in case you have a billion dollars to burn..

Giant Gundam Robot Statue – over $700 million

The 60-foot Gundam moving figure that Bandai built in Odaiba is a tourist attraction that charges visitors a fee to take a look around and even visit a Gundam-themed café, museum and hotel as part of the deal.

The giant figure was estimated to cost around $725 million in plans drawn up in 2008, without labour costs. Accounting for a real-time rise in prices, it might be worth around a billion dollars in 2021.

So, if you’re a billionaire anime fan, then Gundam could be the ultimate anime figure to show off to your friends.

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