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How Has Anime Been Able to Transform the iGaming Industry? Posted Apr 21, 2020

Having first come to fruition early on in the 20th century, our favorite Japanese art style has drastically altered the outlook of a wide array of different industries. This has been done in numerous ways, including through exaggerated aesthetics, consistent themes, and well-thought-out storylines. Specifically, let’s consider how anime has been able to revolutionize online casino gaming.

An Undeniable Change from the Norm

In recent years, anime has significantly influenced various contemporary developments, particularly in the iGaming sector. Fundamentally, it has achieved this through a forward-thinking approach to revolutionizing character expressions, according to https://jpninfo.com/31964, in addition to storylines, and themes.

One of the main ways that this Japanese art form has transformed the pre-existing nature of the online casino industry is through its heightened use of characters. Compared to other styles of modern-day animations, anime-themed titles typically focus on ensuring that quirky characters are the development’s forefront. Quickspin’s video slot, Sakura Fortune, is a prime example of the anime style influencing iGaming trends in this manner, as the title is centered around Sakura Princess and the enchanting world in which the game is set in.

How Has Anime Been Able to Transform the iGaming Industry?

However, while recently-developed anime games have seemingly affected the future outlook of the iGaming industry, the Japanese style has also sought to modernize digital titles that are primarily modeled on traditional land-based slot machines. While there are many non-anime, three-reel adaptations at https://slottyvegas.com/en/category/classic-slots that offer prospective players a nostalgic gaming experience, Manga Money demonstrates how the East Asian country’s style of animation is also influencing traditionally-themed digital slots. The colorful nature of the title, combined with its character-driven approach, seeks to integrate the quirkiness of Japanese animation with the traditional feel of in-house slot machines.

An Influence on Animation and Storytelling

Given that anime is the Japanese term for animation, it’s hardly surprising that the highly-popular style has influenced the slot aspect of the iGaming industry. Generally, anime is unique in its approach to art, with https://showmetheanimation.com stating that it often exaggerates the physical features of its characters, which is evident within modern-day titles such as Koi Princess. While this art form is considerably different in relation to its approach to visuals, the overstated aesthetics of anime present an intriguing alternative to traditionally-designed titles, through a thought-provoking nature.

How Has Anime Been Able to Transform the iGaming Industry?

While the character-focused nature of anime casino games is undeniably a reason as to why the style has been able to flourish on digital platforms, it isn’t solely responsible for the art form’s recent rise in popularity. As mentioned above, the many games that are developed in an anime style feature clear storylines and themes. For example, Matsuri Slot, a five-reel video slot, is inspired by Japanese culture, with its developers, Play’n GO, seeking to bring to life the celebratory feel of the East Asian country’s regional outdoor festivals.

Altering the Past, Present, and Future of Online Casino Gaming

Ultimately, there can be no doubts that anime is playing a crucial role in significantly changing the future outlook of the iGaming industry. Not only is the Japanese style being utilized to modernize classic slots, but it is also central to the visuals, storylines, and themes of many contemporary titles throughout a wide array of games within the online casino sector.

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