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Some Interesting Facts About Japanese Culture Posted Aug 20, 2020

The Japanese culture is among the most interesting and most mysterious in the world. The residents have a huge value for tradition. The centre of it all is to spread kindness and love. While there are many familiar things about their culture, we decided to mention rather unfamiliar things that are worth knowing like the popularity of gambling, their love for a specific tree type, and one or two other rather interesting facts. Let’s check them out.

Online Gambling is Popular

You may have not known this, but Japan has a long history with gambling, both legal and illegal. People love the idea of wagering money by playing arcade games such as pachinko which is comparable to the American slot machine, lottery, red tiger baccarat and more. As technology evolved, a new and revolutionizing way of enjoying casino games has appeared. Online gambling sites had a massive spike in popularity in 2015 and are now among the market leaders in the gambling industry. Thousands of people in Japan visit these sites daily. Online casinos have several advantages over the land-based casinos which is why they became the preferred choice. Experts believe that in the next few years, online casinos will become the market leaders and biggest profit-makers, and overpass the land-based gambling facilities.

Bonsai Trees

We’re sure that you’ve seen many pictures of some pretty unique wide and miniature trees in every corner of Japan. Many people have wondered why do the people worship Bonsai trees and how are they connected to the Japanese culture. Well, they are connected to their spirituality and Zen Buddhism. They also represent art in its finest form, which is what Japan is all about. Art and beauty is a big thing in Japan. Bonsai trees are everywhere and are a great sight to the eye.

Slurp When Eating

Finally, we wanted to end on a more personal note that should concern every tourist that is thinking of visiting this country and getting to know the Japanese culture. The most interesting fact about it is that slurping while eating is good, especially when eating noodles.

Slurping while eating is a sign that you are enjoying your food and that you are showing good manners. It may sound strange, but it is true. You need to do it in an acceptable volume, though. A bit of good advice on how loud you should slurp is if you listen to the people around you when you sit on a table. Burping is still off-limits, so make sure you remember that.

The last thing that we wanted to note is that if you decide to sit and eat in a restaurant, don’t tip the waiters. Tips are not required, but if you are visiting some extremely popular places and Americanized attractions, you are more than welcome to do it.

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