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Just When You Thought One Piece Couldn’t Get Any More Legendary, They Brought In Dinosaurs Posted Feb 6, 2019

Monkey D. Luffy is renowned throughout the manga and anime worlds for facing any and all battles head on, but this time he may have to rethink his strategy. After all, the Beast Pirates certainly have - and, as a result, they’ve brought dinosaurs.

Right now, One Piece is moving through the well-received Wano Country arc, an action-filled plotline that has already covered plenty of ground. The biggest plot point though is that the Straw Hats are battling the Beast Pirates, something that most fans of the series had been waiting for. Something that fans didn’t see coming, however, was that the Beast Pirates would have a squadron of dinosaur pirates in their ranks.

That said though, the increasing popularity of dinosaurs in other media means that it's not that unexpected that the longest running manga and anime in history would begin introducing these legendary reptiles. Both Godzilla and Yoshi of the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise remain staples in Japanese pop culture, but even Japan can’t compete with America and the UK when it comes to dinosaurs. For what seems like decades, dinosaurs have been everywhere. They’re in games including the blockbuster Ubisoft series Far Cry; we can find them in the casino world in the form of online slots, for example as Raging Rex, a game available on Sloty.com; of course, there is also Jurassic Park. This latter franchise is probably the biggest reason why the west loves dinosaurs, having inspired multiple movies, spin-off books and a variety of games. In fact, there are so many Jurassic Park games that Tomsguide.com felt the need to rank them all to stop people from playing the rubbish ones.

So, really, it’s about time that One Piece finally included dinosaur pirates, isn’t it?

The dinosaur squadron is collectively known as the Flying Six, two of which have been introduced in the most recent chapters. Not only do these new enemies look pretty intimidating, but it turns out that their Devil Fruit gift actually allows them to transform into full-on, real dinosaurs. The first of the two we’ve met so far is Page One, a behemoth of a character that transforms into a Spinosaurus with a little help from his Ancient Zoan artefact Dragon-Dragon fruit. Meanwhile, his companion X Drake becomes an Allosaurus using the same method and certainly isn’t one to be confronted.

As if that wasn’t enough dinosaurs, there’s also another Beast Pirate, aptly named King, who doesn’t belong to the Flying Six but can become a Pteranodon. Plus, while we haven’t met the four members of the Flying Six yet, we like to think that at least one of them may be a Pterodactyl, which would be pretty cool. What we do know is that the Straw Hats will have to spend much of the Wano Country arc searching for these dinosaur pirates in order to free the land.

With the on-going love affair, the entire world seems to be having with dinosaurs, it really is an exciting move for Eiichiro Oda’s manga to start including them. Hopefully, we’ll see some epic battles and transformations over the coming chapters and who knows, this arc may even be able to outdo the Imperial Down arc where we witness the fall of Fire Fist Ace. For now, though, let’s just enjoy the fact we have dinosaur pirates in our manga and in our lives.

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