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Make A Living From Your Passion For Anime Posted Mar 11, 2020

Make A Living From Your Passion For Anime

The Japanese anime Industry continues to thrive and is now making more money than ever. With almost 50% of its income from outside of Japan, global interest is the industry shows no sign of waning. As a fan of anime, you may be looking at ways in which you can direct your enthusiasm to a paid job that will immerse you even more in your passion. Despite growth in the industry, it can still be difficult to get a foot in the door, and dreams of making your fortune from creating your own comic book may not be realistic. However, there are other ways to work your way into the industry and make a living whilst sharing your passion for anime.

Set Up An Anime Shop

If you love anime, you may want to share your passion and expertise through selling comics, videos and other related merchandise in a shop. Once you have researched your potential target audience and decided on the type of products you want to sell, you will need to ensure that you establish your business legally. Regulations for setting up a business vary from state to state, but your anime store will need a business license to operate. If you are thinking about hiring staff, you will also be responsible for their health and safety at work, which means ensuring you have worker’s compensation insurance, a necessity for all employees, according to industry experts at Cerity. This will give both you and your employees peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of an accident occurring in your store.

Get On Staff At A Convention

There are hundreds of anime conventions held throughout the year all across the country. Anime Boston is one of the largest conventions in the US, drawing in crowds of over 20,000. Every year, 350 staff are required to support the convention over three days in April, but some people work all year round on organizing the weekend. Although most staff are unpaid volunteers, helping out at a convention can be a great way to gain work experience. And, if you have creative ideas of your own and you’re prepared to do a little networking, it can also open doors to other well paid opportunities in the anime industry, such as marketing, distribution or publishing.

Get Paid To Watch Anime

Some anime sites pay people to watch new anime and then submit a personal review. Production companies also use quality controllers who are paid to identify practical faults such as digital hits or audio glitches. If you apply yourself to these jobs, they can be a good starting point for working in post-production or other fields of the anime industry.

The anime industry continues to flourish, and with a passion for all it entails, you may feel that you would like to share in its success. Like any fashionable field, the anime industry can be hard to infiltrate. However, there are some easier ways to indulge your passion for anime, and get a foot in the door of this very popular industry.

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