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Marketing Lessons from the Video Game Industry Posted Nov 30, 2020

The online gaming industry’s currently the epicentre of entertainment thanks to the developers’ and distributors’ marketing skills, guaranteeing consumer’s continuous support. In Norway, Viking-lifestyle and mythology became a player's fascination and provided a desirable environment for the online gaming theme. The people behind Nordicasino’s promise of 24/7 live customer support and whopping bonuses amongst players.

The Norwegian gaming industry was a slow-growing market until three of their video games received international awards in 2019. Playing online soon became popular, particularly amongst Norwegian boys aged 9 to 18-years and girls aged 15 to 18 joined in the craze.

Our expert here, Nina Olsenberg, discussed the growing trends used to attract players of 18 years and older. We’ll most commonly find these trends used by online casinos such as Norsk Casino. Join us as we discover what marketing in video games could teach us about record-breaking sales.

Marketing Lessons from the Video Game Industry

5 Lessons from the Video Game Industry

If you need to upgrade your marketing skills, these five lessons will be profitable if you apply them accordingly. Let’s take an in-depth look at the gaming industry. You’ll find that these lessons need high praise in how they benefit the marketing world. These useful lessons correlate directly to all advertising platforms. By implementing what you learn, you can develop your business into a thriving realm.

  1. Storytelling

    Video game marketing strategies are all about telling the best stories. Players are interactively involved, both visually and auditorily. As a business owner, you can use storytelling to engage with your consumers to inform them about your quality products. Your story concepts should be creative while conveying and interlocking facts stimulating the five senses of your market.

  2. Strong titles

    A video gaming brand contains a short, precise title making marketing more manageable. Popular video games don’t have complicated titles. So, simply brand your business accurately, to be advertising effective.

  3. Update Content and Marketing Strategies

    The marketing in video games takes years to perfect, and even then, problems can arise. Developers need to attend to the feedback of the gaming community to improve their gameplan.

    Therefore, let your consumers test your products, complete surveys for feedback and hence help you to discover and avoid future flaws. In doing so, you can keep your content updated according to the latest technology, trends and laws.

  4. Provide Samples

    When gamers see glimpses of trailers about the games in action, they get a feel for it. Your consumers need enough information to hook them on your products. You can promote your brands by giving away 14-Day Trial memberships and use that scheme to gain your target audience’s trust.

  5. Loyalty Programmes and Bonuses

    Other elements making gaming extra engaging are the unlockable achievements and rewards like extra lives and weapons, the gamers can bargain for. There’s direct communication between players, sharing the same interests around the world.

    The video gaming business also has support programmes sharing videos and images. When you propose worthy loyalty programmes and bonuses, consumers keep coming back because competition in the market is tough. Besides that, ensure a strong customer service department with live chat 24/7, including a wide variety of languages.

Marketing Lessons from the Video Game Industry


There's considerable overlap in experiences between video game marketing and business advertising strategies. Learn how to apply these five lessons and improve your marketing skills.

As a business owner, you’ll have a solid story about your market, regularly updated content, and strong titles built for products.

Please remember that a decent membership with continuous bonuses will keep consumers coming back for more.

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