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Most-Popular PlayStation 2 Games based on Anime Posted May 8, 2021

Most-Popular PlayStation 2 Games based on Anime

Sony Computer Entertainment had launched the PlayStation 2 console in 2000. Many exciting games had been released for this cutting-edge video game console for more than a decade. Sony discontinued the production of this console in 2013. It had sold over 155 million PS2s across the globe by that time.

Such a huge number of users bought PS2 because it offered a new range of games. Anime games were getting quite popular in the early 21st century. Sony’s PS2 had the finest collection of video games anime-based video games.

People still search for those PS2 games in form of ROMs! Do you also want to try such exciting games? Let’s find out what the 5 best anime-based PS2 games are!

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Most-Popular PlayStation 2 Games based on Anime

The Naruto game series initiated with the launch of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja in 2003. It was one of many games which gained huge success during the first decade of the 21st century. CyberConnect2 had developed a perfect fighting game to entertain millions of PS2 users.

You must play this game if you haven’t tried it before. It got exciting visuals. You feel like you are in control of the world’s most powerful ninja warriors. Many people had played and loved this game. Consequently, CyberConnect had launched many other instalments in the upcoming years.

You would enjoy playing the first game of this series. You won’t stop until you download and play all the remaining games of the Naruto series!

MS Saga: A New Dawn

This amazing anime-based game was developed by Bandai. It was created for users, who were not familiar with Gundam. Many people think it is an anime series, but it is a role-playing game designed for PS2 users.

This game is inspired completely by the original story. You enjoy turn-based gameplay. There is action, exploration, and shooting experience, unlike any game that came before this one. The RPG genre had got a huge boost with the launch of this game.

All the Gundam fans loved this game and you will also enjoy playing it. It is available with other PS 2 games in form of ROMs!

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

Most-Popular PlayStation 2 Games based on Anime

All the anime fans are familiar with Dragon Ball Z. Bandai had brought this game to the PS2 platform to entertain millions of gamers. It was the first of many games and it made the anime genre quite popular across the globe.

The Dragon Ball Z series has only three games, but each one is quite exciting. The developers treated the original plot quite carefully. As a result, we got an extremely entertaining game with many challenges to overcome. You can play it on your PC if you get a PS2 emulator and the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi ROM.

Blood Will Tell

Saga has crafted many amazing games for PS2 users. Blood Will Tell is one of them. Its plot is inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s manga “Dororo”, which is considered the inspiration for the anime genre.

Many players found it a bit robotic because the samurai in the game can replace his body parts. You control that samurai, who fights Japanese demons in the game. This action-packed game has the potential to entertain you for hours!

Digimon World 4

Most-Popular PlayStation 2 Games based on Anime

This action RPG is based on the Digimon film. It allows the player to collect, train, and develop all their favorites. You get an entertaining plot in this anime game and the game progresses according to that plot. You will be collecting many monsters throughout the journey and thus the gameplay will become quite exciting.

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse Of The Crimson Elixir

It is the second game based on the same name’s anime series. Video game experts believe this game is an inspiration for the development of many video game series in the west. Square Enix had offered two games for PS2 users. The third sequel did not make it on the PlayStation. You can still find it with other PS 2 games in form of ROMs.


All the listed PlayStation 2 games are available online to play on the PC. Download a PS2 emulator and find PS 2 games in form of ROMs. Thus, you can easily play the game on your PC or another device.

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