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So You Want to Collect Your Favorite Anime Figures... Posted Mar 22, 2020

Collecting anime figures has become a hobby for many people nowadays. You can well imagine how you would feel if you got an anime figure straight out of the screens to your hand one day. Getting into the world of anime and collecting the figures is not much of a hassle if you know the right ways to get your hands on them. Creating a collection of anime figures of your own can make you proud of yourself. You can make the epic scenes of the anime come true in the real world by collecting the topmost figures from a physical store near you or even from an online store.

1. Getting Started with the Anime Figure Collection

With the increasing popularity of manga and anime in the market, the frenzy of collecting their figures has increased too. As they are slightly on the pricier side than ordinary toys, you need to be very careful while buying anime figures. Here are some of the considerations that you must do before buying one.

2. Consider the Kind of Anime Figure to Buy

The very first consideration that you need to think about is the kind of anime you want to buy. Nothing is more important than adding all the action figures to your collection. You should always start your anime figure collection by getting the anime action figures that are your favorite ones. Then you can expand your collection by collecting the rest of the anime characters.

3. Learn the Terms of the Anime Manga Figures

Another thing that is important for you to know is the terms of all the anime manga figures so that you can get the right for yourself from the physical store or search for the right one from any online shopping site. Some acronyms are used for the figures depending on their value, condition, and rarity.

4. Check the Overall Condition and Appearance

Before buying the anime figures, you must always check the condition and appearance of them. Inspect if there is any kind of defect or scratches on the figures. If any accessory is missing, or the paint on the figure is chipped off, or the parts are damaged and malformed, the price and value of the anime manga vary upon these factors.

5. Be Cautious of Bootlegs and Fakes

You must also be aware of any fake and bootlegs of the anime figures. It is a part that you cannot avoid while buying the figures in your collection. You need to have the right expertise level to make out the fake ones from the original figures as sometimes they look the same. But with the time you will learn how to differentiate the fake and original anime figures.

6. Consult the Price Guides for Anime Figures

It is always recommended to refer to an action figure value and price guide that is reliable. You must search for references that are related to your desired anime figure which helps you to determine the approximate price of the manga figure collectible.

7. Know Your Seller

It is important for you to know who is selling the desired anime figures. Always buy a figure from reputed stores, sellers, and dealers. Make sure to inquire and consult other buyers. Also, read the feedback and reviews that they have given about the seller.

8. Know the Terms and Conditions of Buying the Figures

You should always ask your seller to tell you about the terms and conditions of buying the anime figures that include guarantees, warranties, and other policies of the seller. You should also clarify the payment terms and other expenses like shipping costs. These documents are important to prove the authenticity of the product.

9. Pros and Cons of Buying Anime Figures

There are a lot of online sites like bestreviews.guide who have an extensive set of anime figures to start off building up your collection. Every product has some benefits and that is considered as the main factor to buy anime figures.


  • They can last for a long time if cared for properly.
  • The aesthetics can be mind-blowing.
  • Some figures are made of high-quality materials.
  • Some have articulation which can be posed in various positions.
  • Money gets back into the industry when an anime figure is bought.


  • Some of the anime action figures are fragile.
  • Some figures are made of low-quality material.
  • Some anime figures cannot be fixed when broken.
  • If not handled carefully, they can get damaged.
  • You will have less room for storage the more figures you buy for adding them to your collection.

Places to Buy Anime Figures

There are some places that sell authentic and original anime figures that you can surely find in the collection that you already have or if you are starting your collection. Mentioned below are some of the places from where you can get original anime action figures.

• Online Stores

The online stores are the best place to buy anime figures where you will get only authentic figures. They are convenient places to buy because most of the anime lovers buy the figurines from those sites. You will get a wide selection of toys to choose from. They also have trusted images and a description written. Auctions are good places to buy your anime figures. But there lies a risk of getting caught in between a bidding war. If you don’t know the process of bidding, other buyers will outbid easily at the last minute.

• Classified Advertisements

This is another way of purchasing anime figures. You can simply look at the address written on the ad, browse through the wide selection of figures and then decide on the one that you want to add to your collection at first.

• Anime Figurine Collectors

Several trusted anime figurine collectors are there who post their collection of anime figures online. You can consider them as a good source of getting the anime manga figures. Make sure that you are buying the collectibles from a reputed collector or seller.

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