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Top 5 Canadian Anime Characters Posted Jun 16, 2021

Top 5 Canadian Anime Characters

Animated movies have a special place in the lives of children across the globe. They teach us different valuable lessons, show us the true significance of friendship, and also how to fight for ourselves. As we mature, we get interested in more serious topics, that are usually offered in a different media format. But, those who like anime, know that animated movies can be perfectly well suited for adults.

Animes are animated movies that originated in Japan, and most of the stories in these movies are taken from Japanese comic books, known as mangas. There are various kinds of anime. Some of them can be completely fictional, while others can be completely based on true stories. Moreover, some anime are still being made with hand-drawn illustrations, which in this day and age is pretty fascinating.

With so many years in existence, anime has covered almost all topics there are, as well as all sorts of different characters. One of the most interesting types is of course the Canadian. There have been many characters in anime that come from the great country of Canada, and here we’ll mention five most memorable ones.


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So, it comes as no surprise that the name of the most iconic anime character that comes from Canada is “Canada”. There could be no better name for a character that is oftentimes mistaken as “America” and who politely reacts to different kinds of behavior from other characters.

Jean-Jacques Leroy

The 19-year old Canadian, JJ, is a fantastic skater from Quebec, and he’s known for anime Yuri!!! on Ice. He has black hair and blue eyes, which goes perfectly with his bad-boy persona. He has parents, Alain and Nathalie, that are typical Canadians. JJ has several tattoos on his body, and two of them are the maple leaf and the last three lines of the Canadian national anthem. A bit arrogant, but completely trustworthy, this is a character that portrays Canadians in an entirely different way.

Top 5 Canadian Anime Characters

Cecil Sudou

Being the youngest wizard barrister to defend the magic courtroom, Cecil Sudou is a very special character from the anime “Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil”. Cecil is of Canadian origin and therefore looks like a foreigner to all other characters. With her lavender hair and slender figure, Cecil is easily remembered. Even when she’s dressed for the wizard trials, she maintains a cute and lovely persona, with pink bows and a leather bomber jacket with a letter “C” in the middle.

Andrew Graham

A representative of Neo Canada, Andre Graham is a character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime. One of his main goals in the series is defeating Argo Gulskii, the fighter for Neo Russia. The main reason for his vengeful attitude is the death of his wife Norma, who died when their space station was attacked by a group of pirates led by Argo. In Andrew the audience can see a more serious and dark side of the Canadian personality, that is not so often portrayed.

Langa Hasegawa

Langa, the character from SK8 the Infinity anime, is Canadian only on his mother’s side, but when asked to talk about himself he clearly states that he’s from Canada. His friends call him “S” (short for snow), as he has great experience in snowboarding. He uses that knowledge to learn skateboarding, so he gets involved in underground skateboard races with his friend Reki.


Usually, Canadians are presented are extremely polite and kind people who are very welcoming to all around them. However, in anime, we can see another side of Canadians that can also be exciting, mysterious, and fun to watch. It’s certain that the typical “Canadian” will find its way to other media formats, but anime made it clear that Canadians are not a nation to be ignored.


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