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Why Animations and Explainer Videos Are Effective in Marketing Posted May 26, 2021

Brands are looking for ways of informing and engaging consumers in just a few minutes. In the new digital world, you have less than a minute to wake up to an impressive range of emotions connected with your brand. There is nothing else to look for other than a video for better audience engagement. I don't say it's a holy fact, just a subjective view and personal finding in digital marketing.

Explainer videos in digital ads are perhaps the most compelling narrative medium. Video experts at Spiel Creative claim that the first 30 seconds will determine whether the potential buyer is interested in your offer and continues to listen to your brand message. Thirty seconds of an entertaining video are more valuable than any other form of content for a target audience. The brand's key challenge is to make the most of this moment. Below are reasons why explainer videos are effective in marketing.

They Get Straight to The Point

There is a challenge faced by most companies on their website: to tell visitors exactly what the company is all about. Your website visitors can only take a few minutes to grasp the product you are offering — or else they will click the "back" button on their browser.

Having an animated explainer video on your homepage explains your business and your services quickly and efficiently to those visiting your site. If contact is initiated, you push the leads into the next step. A user does not need to select several pages and tabs to understand your product and may not need to read as much copy.

Animation Makes an Enduring Impression

Nothing is more unforgettable than a fun character acting in an adventurous tale. The hero can evoke a wide range of associations and feelings without mentioning an extraordinary plot and other visual effects in an animated explainer video.

People tend to interpret knowledge more often through the lens of organizations and their concept structure. I see a red flower; somebody else can view it as a rare violet rose, while somebody will see it as a plain flower and nothing more.

Our world views are so different. However, some elements bind us all — fundamental feelings and deep social associations. An animation video is an ideal way to encode those emotions and optimistic brand associations. They are particularly sticky and robust in the form of a cartoon.

They Are Great for SEO

The search engines favor video content, so the pages with video content can be displayed in Google Search results that increase your exposure and allow you to reach larger audiences. Moreover, if the websites have video content, users are more likely to click on a website.

You only have 3-8 seconds to catch the attention and persuade visitors to linger longer and discover what you offer. Increase the user time and decrease bounce rates by adding videos to web pages. Explainers are brief videos - about 60-90 seconds, and viewers can view them until the end, rather than reading a long blog post with lots of information. Search engine algorithms consider the longer time spent on site and make those materials more valuable to users. As a consequence, your pages are rated higher.

Go Viral Video

There is no proven "going viral" formula. However, if there's a content medium that can go faster than any media, it's video. One of the great things about video explanation is that it's entertaining, amusing and people want to share it.

Your video will also play automatically on most social media sites and attract the attention of anyone scrolling down the list. If you are attempting to market your brand by word of mouth, it is beneficial to share and read a piece of content quickly.

It Is a Powerful Grabber of Attention That Hears Your Message

The video is, without question, one of the most entertaining forms of content on the internet. People have enjoyed visual entertainment since ancient times. Animated explainer videos for businesses can have a marketing message more efficiently as they simultaneously entertain.

Wherever you use animation, in advertising, on your website, in emails to your clients, or reveal the forthcoming case, the audience will most certainly not be able to remove their eyes off before the video ends. It encourages consumers to hear what the brand tells them. The message of the best-supplied brand also contributes to an increase in sales and leads.

Animated Explainer Videos Are Practical

Some goods and products can be defined more quickly than others. When your company provides a product or service that is a little complex, it helps to visually illustrate what you do and how the consumer can profit.

Written copy has SEO meaning, but some items are hard to explain through text. It's difficult to write instructions, for example, on how to tie a necktie—a tutorial is much simpler to offer. An explanatory video will support you.

Using explainer videos, you will be able to show your customers vividly how your product works and how it can improve their lives. If your offer is complicated and probably challenging to comprehend, you will profit from getting an explainer video explaining the process of your business in a digestible manner.

Videos to Illustrate Are Easily Shared

If a viewer finds a video that explores what they want, they will share it with friends twice as much as any other form of material. Again, the video format is more accessible to obtain than a wordy post, a confusing infographic, or a long e-book. And while there is no guarantee that a video "goes viral," there is far greater potential for exponentially sharing a video than a basic web page.

Animated Explainer Videos Are Affordable

Making a video explainer doesn't have to break the marketing budget. Advanced technology today enables professional, high-quality videos to be produced in a modest quantity. You can also be confident that your explainer video perfectly reflects your brand and message in a polished and superior way by using experienced video marketers' services. This is critical because it distinguishes your brand from competitors.

The digital sector, marketing, and advertisement messages are saturated with repeated notes and visuals. Get up and stand out! Both digital advertising and market communication with the clients is the art. Your brand may use the power of a video explainer or an animated advert to lead in it. Hopefully, the insights discussed above will help you develop fresh ideas for the marketing and advertisement of your business.

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