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Why Do You Need To Try Anime Slots? Posted Feb 10, 2018

For years now, you’ve probably been a fan of anime or love to Cosplay anime characters. What if we added the icing on the cake and told you that you can now play your favourite anime slots on an online casino? Anime is basically Japanese animation- there are several genres and they also range in several ages. If you love anime and gambling, then you won’t mind crossing these two together in anime slots. Here’s why;

1. Fun

It’s pure fun. 666 Casino wants to cater to a range of punters and anime fans haven’t been left out. For a long time, anime fans haven’t had a slot that represents their needs, but now they do. It is exciting to see your favourite anime characters on that screen every time you spin. What’s even more exciting is seeing all the bonuses they’ll reward you with.

2. Different experience

If you’re a long time gambler, then you definitely know just how much the oriental theme, traditional theme, Irish theme and more have been overdone. Every time a new slot with that theme pops up, you probably give it an eye-roll. However, there aren’t as many anime themed slots in the industry. These machines promise to give you a unique experience which will satisfy every anime lover.

3. Intricate designs

Anyone who has watched anime knows to expect some pretty cool graphics and designs. Here, each character has been designed to precision such that it may be confusing to distinguish anime from anime slot. 666 Casino anime slots feature Japanese designs, soundtrack and your favourite characters.

4. Memorable

Not many slots leave you with a longing to go back for more. These ones will have you talking them up to your friends and family because they not only look good, but pay well.

5. Something new

If you aren’t really an anime fan, but you have been looking for a new slot to sample then this is it. You don’t have to watch anime to play an anime slot. The instructions are simple and so is the user interface. You’ll find yourself a master of the controls within a few tries. As mentioned earlier, some themes have been overdone so it’s nice to try something new even when it seems a bit challenging at first.

6. Play with your favourite character

Anime episodes range in the thousands so you’re definitely going to find one that you love. What’s even more exciting is that you’ll get to see your favourite characters as symbols on the screen cheering you on your way to riches.

Have you played an anime slot at 666 Casino before? They’re sure to blow you away. If you watch anime or know anyone who does, then you’d definitely do them a lot of good by recommending anime themed slots to them. Not sure I’ve met a fan who wasn’t totally crazy about this culture.

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