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USA Info
KataraKatara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
14 years old
About 5'3"
About 110 lbs.
Water Bender
"It's called water bending"
Mae Whitman
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cartoon Description: Katara

Katara is a 14 year old Waterbender with a big heart. Katara wants to live up to her potential and become a Waterbender in order to save her tribe, but she's still learning to control her powers. Katara is a sweet girl, who is very kind hearted. Katara and her brother had both found Aang, the new Avatar, in an iceberg near their home. They had soon set out on an adventure to find answers on how to teach Aang to bend fire, water, and earth, while he had already been experienced with airbending.

Katara has carried a necklace that was once her mother's around with her, to remember her, and for hope and courage. Unfortunately Prince Zuko had gotten hold of it when she had left it on a ship that had firebenders enslaving earthbenders.

Katara is the only water bender in her tribe. Her mom was killed by fire benders. Her dad went to war to fight the fire benders. Her grandma and her brother are her only family in the village. Katara and her brother Sokka help Aang defeat the fire benders, so she has to help save the world.

When Katara came to the North Pole, she wanted the water bending master to teach her more water bending, but he wouldn't because he felt that women were to be healers, not benders. So she ask Aang to teach her what he learned from the master, but the master found out that Aang was teaching Katara, so she challenged him to a water bending duel. If she won, he had to teach her water bending, but if he won, she had to be water healer. Katara lost the fight, but when the master was leaving, he saw the necklace that she had lost during the fight, and asked where she got it. She told him that it was originally her grandma's, passed down to her mother and now herself. She said it was gift from her Grandma when they were young. It was a engagement gift. So in the end, Katara got to learn water bending!

Katara tries her best to keep Aang out of harms way, but with Prince Zuko around is it even possible?

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