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Bio HunterBio Hunter
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BioHunter (alternate spelling)
1 OVA episodes1 OVA episodes
Urban Vision2001
Fujihiko Hosono
Shigeru Ueda
Action, Drama, Ecchi, ParanormalAction, Drama, Ecchi, Paranormal
Komada βŠ• Komada βŠ•
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Koshigaya βŠ• Koshigaya βŠ•
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Mikawa βŠ• Mikawa βŠ•
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Sayaka βŠ• Sayaka βŠ•
· · ·
Tabe βŠ• Tabe βŠ•

Description: Bio Hunter

A virus is running rampant in Japan, causing radical evolutionary nightmares in humans. Two scientists are working to stop the spread of this virus. They do have an advantage... one of the scientists is infected with the virus himself, but has an element of control over it and the effects, which is helpful when the situation gets dangerous. And it's about to do just that.

A young woman comes in contact with these men... and the virus is involved. Her grandfather, who is one of the leading psychics in the world, is missing, and a power-mad politician is after him... a politician who is infected and is killing young women all over the city for his food. But what's worse, the scientist infected with "the demon virus" as it's called is gradually losing control.

Can the two scientists stop this madman before one of them loses control?

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