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Black★Rock ShooterBlack★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)Black★Rock Shooter
· · ·
Burakku Rokku Shūtā (romanization)
8 TV Episodes, 1 OVAs8 TV Episodes, 1 OVAs
July 24, 2010–March 23, 2012July 24, 2010–March 23, 2012
Ordet/ SanzigenOrdet/ Sanzigen
Mari Okada
Shinobu Yoshioka
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Arata Kohata Arata Kohata (小幡アラタ)
· · ·
Kagari Izuriha Kagari Izuriha (出灰カガリ)
· · ·
Mato Kuroi Mato Kuroi (黒衣マト)
· · ·
Saya Irino Saya Irino (納野サヤ)
· · ·
Takanashi Yomi Takanashi Yomi (小鳥遊 ヨミ)
· · ·
Yuu Koutari Yuu Koutari (神足ユウ)

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Description: Black★Rock Shooter

The story takes place in a school where a girl named Mato who befriend the new transfer student in her class, Yomi. All goes well until the second year in junior high where Yomi and Mato end up in different classes. Soon, Yomi finds herself distancing herself from Mato, and even becomes jealous of Mato having many friends in her basketball team. However, once Mato begins to notice Yomi's repeated absences from school, she tries to find her, but only ends up finding a charm she had giving to Yomi from the previous year.

The next thing you know, she finds herself in a strange dimension, meeting another girl called 'Black Rock Shooter' (aka her other self) and merges into her body. Not knowing why, she then finds herself battling another figure called 'Dead Master' who is actually Yomi's other self.

As they clash into battle, Mato struggles to understand what's happening. Why is this happening? What's going on? And what would happen if Mato is killed?

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