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Soi FonSoi FonSoi Fon (Bleach)
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Soi Fong (alternate spelling)Soi Fong (alternate spelling)
Fong ShaolinFong Shaolin
Soul ReaperShinigami (Death God)
(born February 11th)(born February 11th)
4'11" (source: Bleach SOULs. Official Character Book)150 cm (source: Bleach SOULs. Official Character Book)
83.8 lbs (source: Bleach SOULs. Official Character Book)38 kg (source: Bleach SOULs. Official Character Book)
Gotei 13 Captain, Commander of the Special ForcesGotei 13 Captain, Commander of the Special Forces
"Know the price of retreating from the front for the length of a hundred years as you die, Yoruichi!"
Cindy RobinsonKawakami Tomoko
Chapter 81 (manga)Chapter 81 (manga)

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Character Description: Soi Fon

Soi Fon, Captain of the 2nd Division and current Commander of the Onmitsukidou, is known to be the type who follows all the laws and is someone who strongly believes that the enemy must be left dead at all costs.

She was formerly named as Fong Shaolin, at least until she entered Keigun in the Onmitsukidou. After her entry into Keigun, she inherited her great-grandmother's name: Soi Fon. She was the sixth born between five brothers, whom have all died in their first few missions after entering Keigun. Soi Fon was sad about their death, but replaced them in Keigun nonetheless.

The Fong family is a low-class noble family that was somehow associated with the Shihouin family. The family basically exists to serve the Shihouin Family, and they do that by entering Keigun, the number one team in Onmitsukidou. In the Fong family, strength meant everything. Anyone who could not enter Keigun was immediately banished from the family with no exceptions. This pushed Soi Fon to be the best she wanted to and could possibly be.

Seven years after joining Keigun, Soi Fon became the Guundanchou's (Head of Keigun) personal escort. The Guundanchou was no one other than the person she was told to sacrifice her life for over and over again since her youth: Shihouin Yoruichi.

Eventually, she and Soi Fon developed a sisterly relationship. But when the day came when Yoruichi Shihouin left Soul Society to aid her friend, Urahara Kisuke, in exile, Soi Fon was nearly heartbroken. Her senpai, whom she'd admired and adored so much, has abandoned her. She then believed that Yoruichi had obviously betrayed her love and respect, and eventually, her sadness of Yoruichi's depart became bitter hatred. Soi Fon swore to become stronger. Strong enough to capture Yoruichi with her bare hands.

As she got stronger, she discovered herself a new technique called Flashcry, which fuses hakuda (hand-to-hand military combat) and kidou (demon arts) together, and perfected her zanpakutou's ability: Nigeki Kessatsu, "Death in Two Strikes".

Soi Fon's zanpakutou's name is Suzumebachi, literally meaning "sparrow hornet". Its shikai is best described as a golden armwrap with a long, stinger-like blade that extends from her middle finger. The "stinger" is adorned with intricate, black designs that of which resembles a hornet. Its ability is to have the first strike mark a butterfly-shaped flower called the Houmonka on her target. The second time she hits that same spot, her target will drop dead, guaranteed.

When Yoruichi returned to Soul Society aiding Kurosaki Ichigo in the rescue of Kuchiki Rukia, Soi Fon took the opportunity and fought her face-to-face. In the beginning of the fight, Soi Fon was ahead of Yoruichi, feeling quite confident that she was going to win and capture her for good. That is, until she revealed her shunkou. Apparently, Yoruichi was one step ahead of Soi Fon and had already discovered the technique long ago. She decided against teaching her protege' the technique because of its level of danger as she showed her what she meant.

Soi Fon was furious about Yoruichi remaining stronger than she is. The battle soon ended with Soi Fon in tears, kneeling before her senpai, begging for her trust and companionship. After this, Soi Fon had a slight change of heart and her admiration and obsession of her senpai, Yoruichi, returned once more.

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