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Anime Profile: Blue Gender

USA Info
Japanese Info
Blue Gender Blue Gender Blue Gender
26 episodes, 1 movie 26 episodes, 1 movie
Oct. 8, 1999–Mar. 31, 2000  
FUNimation AIC/Toshiba EMI
  Ryousuke Takahashi
Christopher R. Sabat Masashi Abe
Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
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Anime Characters: Blue Gender

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alicia Whistle --?-- Marlene Angel --?--
Amick Hendar --?-- Robert Bradley --?--
Dice Quaid --?-- Seno Miyagi Seno Miyagi
Doug Vreiss --?-- Victor --?--
Joey Heald --?-- Yuji Kaido Yuji Kaidou
Keith Bean --?-- Tony Frost --?--

Anime Description: Blue Gender

When Yuji Kaido was put into a cryogenic sleep in order to cure his sickness, he would never imagine the nightmare he would wake up to. Awakened in the year 2031, he is horrified to learn that the Earth has been invaded and taken over by deadly insect-like creatures known as the Blue. No one knows where these creatures came from, but they've succeeded in killing of much of the human race and claiming our home planet as their own.

As a result, a select number of humanity has escaped to space onboard a space station known as "Second Earth" attempting to figure out ways to take the Earth back from the Blue (while the rest of humanity are callouslly left to fend for themselves). However, the battle seems like a hopeless one. Especially since the Blue evolve and get stronger after each attack. Yuji (known to everyone else as a "sleeper") travels with the Second Earth soldiers to escape the planet in order to fulfill an unknown objective that might give humanity a chance. However, Yuji's humanity contrasts with the cold almost inhuman logic of the Second Earthers.

What exactly is Yuji's importance to Second Earth? And will humanity ever be spared from the horror of the Blue?

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