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USA Info
Japanese Info
Chibi Maruko-chanChibi Maruko-chan (けびまる子けゃん)Chibi Maruko-chan
142 TV episodes, 684 TV episodes (sequel), 1 movie
Fuji Television
Momoko Sakura
Yumiko Suda
Comedy, DramaComedy, Drama
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Characters: Chibi Maruko-chan

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Momoko Sakura Momoko Sakura Noritaka Hamazaki βŠ• Noritaka Hamazaki βŠ•
Sakiko Sakura Sakiko Sakura Satoshi Sugiyama βŠ• Satoshi Sugiyama βŠ•
Hanako Migiwa βŠ• Hanako Migiwa βŠ• Shigeru Fujiki βŠ• Shigeru Fujiki βŠ•
Hideji Saijo βŠ• Hideji Saijo βŠ• Shinji Sekiguchi βŠ• Shinji Sekiguchi βŠ•
Hideyuki Togawa βŠ• Hideyuki Togawa βŠ• Shouta Yamada βŠ• Shouta Yamada βŠ•
Hiroshi Sakura βŠ• Hiroshi Sakura βŠ• Sueo Maruo βŠ• Sueo Maruo βŠ•
Kazuhiko Hanazawa βŠ• Kazuhiko Hanazawa βŠ• Sumire Sakura βŠ• Sumire Sakura βŠ•
Kenichi Ono βŠ• Kenichi Ono βŠ• Tamae Honami βŠ• Tamae Honami βŠ•
Kimio Nagasawa βŠ• Kimio Nagasawa βŠ• Taro Tomita βŠ• Taro Tomita βŠ•
Kotake Sakura βŠ• Kotake Sakura βŠ• Tomozou Sakura βŠ• Tomozo Sakura βŠ•
Misuzu Fuyuta βŠ• Misuzu Fuyuta βŠ• Toshiko Tsuchihashi βŠ• Toshiko Tsuchihashi βŠ•

Description: Chibi Maruko-chan

Chibi Maruko-chan is a series created by Momoko Sakura. This anime depicts the simple, everyday life of a little girl nicknamed Maruko-chan and her family in the late seventies in Japan. The series is set in the former city of Shimizu.

This series is inspired by incidents from the author's own childhood, and some of the characters are based on her family and friends. This honest and thoughtful tone of the strip led to its becoming popular among a wider audience.

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