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Anime Profile: Chu-Bra!!

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chu-Bra!! Chu-Bra!!(ちゅーぶら!!) Chu-Bra!!
· · ·
Chū-Bra!!(alternate spelling) Chū Bura!!(romanization)
12 TV episodes 12 TV episodes
Jan 4, 2010 – March 22, 2010 Jan 4, 2010 – March 22, 2010
Zexcs Zexcs
  Yumi Nakata
  Yukina Hiiro
Comedy, Ecchi, Romance Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Haruka Shiraishi Haruka Shiraishi
· · ·
Hiroki Komachi Hiroki Komachi
· · ·
Keigo Hayama Keigo Hayama
· · ·
Kiyono Amahara Kiyono Amahara
· · ·
Nayu Hayama Nayu Hayama
· · ·
Tamaki Mizuno Tamaki Mizuno
· · ·
Yako Jinguji Yako Jinguji

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but could be viewed online at AnimeBoy.

Anime Description: Chu-Bra!!

A young girl named Nayu Hayama is starting middle school and surprises her new classmates by tripping and revealing some black lace panties. A rumor starts throughout the school that she has a sugar daddy. Two of her curious new classmates Yako Jinguji and Haruka Shiraishi follow her around for a day, and see her go into an underwear store and excitedly walk around. They finally meet her when it is up to her to save them all from falling down the stairs. Of course they fall anyways, and she admires their underwear as they embarrassingly get up. They become friends and decide to start a club about underwear. They struggle through some tough times in six months. They are never perfectly happy with their bodies, but Nayu teaches them to learn to love the body god gave them and how to wear underwear designed for their body comfortably. It is a story of friendship, love, and the best of their young lives.

The underwear club contains six members. They have a very close relationship with their teacher, Tamaki Mizuno, a very large chested woman with absolutely no taste in underwear. She is the adviser of the underwear club. Another member of the underwear club is Hiroki Komachi, who grudgingly joined in spite of being afraid to touch women's underwear. Nayu Hayama is the leader of the club, she is very knowledgeable of women's underwear. There is also Haruka Shiraishi, a shy curvy girl who has had rumors spread around the school that she is a lesbian, though it is not true as later on she admits she has feelings for someone male. Last but not least is Yako Jinguji, who is a small slender girl with a tough reputation. Another character, Keigo Hayama, is not in the underwear club, and is rumored to be Nayu's "sugar daddy", but is actually her brother who takes care of her.

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