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Anime Profile: The Mysterious Cities of Gold

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Mysterious Cities of GoldTaiyo no Ko Esteban (太陽の子エステバン)The Mysterious Cities of Gold
39 TV episodes39 TV episodes
June 30 1986–June 29, 1990May 1, 1982–Feb 5, 1983
DiC Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Multidub InternationalStudio Pierrot, MK, NHK, DiC France
Scott O'Dell
Various (Bernard Deyries, Edouard David, Kenichi Maruyama, Hisayuki Toriumi, Ryo Tachiba, etc)
Adventure, HistoricalAdventure, Historical
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Characters: The Mysterious Cities of Gold

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Zia Zia Pedro ⊕ Pedro ⊕
Esteban ⊕ Esteban ⊕ Sancho ⊕ Sancho ⊕
Mendoza ⊕ Mendoza ⊕ Tao ⊕ Tao ⊕

Description: The Mysterious Cities of Gold

The mysterious cities of gold was a French/Japanese production similar to that of Belle and Sebastian in terms of drawing style. The story concerned three orphaned children- Esteban, an orphan raised in Barcelona; Zia, a young Inca girl; and Tao, last descendant of the empire of Hiva, a continent which sank beneath the Pacific centuries earlier. Being set in the year 1532 during the Spanish conquest of Latin America, the villains are of course the gold-lusting Spanish army.

On the run, the three adventurers unravel the mysteries of the Incas, e.g a golden aeroplane built in the shape of a condor or solar powered tall ship with solar panels for sails. Another thing to note is that the main character of the story had the ability to bring about the sun during wild storms or the like.

This series has never been released on VHS or DVD in the English language.

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