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Anime Profile: Detective School Q

USA Info
Japanese Info
Detective School Q Tantei Gakuen Q(探偵学園Q) Detective School Q
  Seimaru Amagi/Fumiya Sato/Kodansha/TBS/Studio Pierrot
  Noriyuki Abe
Martial Arts, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery Martial Arts, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Kyu Renjo Kyu Renjo
· · ·
Ryu Amakusa Ryu Amakusa
· · ·
Dan Morihiko Dan Morihiko
· · ·
Kazuma Narusawa Kazuma Narusawa
· · ·
Kintarou Tooyama Kintarou Tooyama
· · ·
Megumi Minami Megumi Minami

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Description: Detective School Q

Kyu is a boy who dreams to become the worlds greatest detective. He gets the best opportunity when he is given the chance to enroll himself at Dan Detective School.

There he meets Megumi, Kintarou, and Kazuma. Later, they meet Ryu Amakusa. They each possess their own skills and abilities.

Together they manage to qualify to enter the rank of 'Class Q' which stands for 'qualified'. Furthermore, Class Q is the best class in DDS. They are to be hand-taught by the school's principal, Dan Morihiko.

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