love hina...good, but could have been great

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love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Tsuchi »

i noticed through out the show there are many romatic spots, which could make the show a great romance anime....but....they always ruin the good romantic moments with some supid crap and having naru punch keitaro to the moon...

it was funny the first couple times but after that it started ruining good moments and just became dumb. i'd classify it as bad as kagome with the "sit" command in inuyasha.

does anyone agree??
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Re: love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Battousai The Manslayer »

All I can say is: Read the manga.

The manga is better in every category.
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Re: love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

I like the manga too, but because I liked the manga the anime series disapointed me greatly, I do 100% agree that they ruined the romance...I like romance anime, they're the best
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Re: love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

It was a comedy/romance - so that's why they threw that in. They didn't want the romance going along too fast.

The manga was a hundred percent better though. xD
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Re: love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Lexin Kotetsu »

I watched the first couple episodes of it, but it never really seemed as if it was all that good of an anime... I mean, the VERY FIRST ESPISODE was just pathetic!

And what's with the little things that hang from all the girls' heads? WTF? :?
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Re: love hina...good, but could have been great

Post by Baby Duck »

I don't even deem the Anime worthy of watching. Read the manga, hell I'll let you borrow it, I own the entire collection and I'm also up to date with Negima. I love Ken Akamatsu. Although I can't seem to stomach A.I. that story's just creepy.
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