Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

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Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

Post by Scarlet_Hope »

I think ppl give Kanky way to less attention and imo he's really awesome and he deserves it.

So anyone who likes Kankurou, please post here!

P.S. I think Kankurou looks really hot after the time skip (remember the part when Sakura was healing him? Sweet!)

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Re: Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

Post by Im Lawliet »

the guy has a lack of common sense. he live in the desert and he wears a full body black suit... think about it.

no but his puppets are awesome. my favorite master by far is still Sasori tho.
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Re: Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

Post by Scarlet_deciever »

Kankuro is so hot! I'd like to go group with his puppets..
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Re: Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

Post by .:Aki-Kun:. »

Actually Im Lawliet to be honest i think its smart whats he wearing cuz, if you live in the desert it will be hard to keep all the dirt and sand off ur eyes, ears, mouth...i think his wearing that to keep the sand and dirt off his hair and everything...and to be honest its true its nuts to wear black why not white its cooler...and i like his skills of the puppets but, i don't think his hot at all
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Re: Kankurou! And his Puppet Gang

Post by bullet1167 »

Kankuro is the best
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