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USA Info
Japanese Info
Pretty CureFutari wa Pretty CurePretty Cure
96+ episodes, 2 movies96+ episodes, 2 movies
4Kids EntertainmentToei Animation
Daisuke Nishio, Komura Toshiaki
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, RomanceAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance
Yes! Precure 5Yes! Pretty Cure 5
Nagisa MisumiNagisa Misumi
· · ·
Akudaikaan βŠ• Akudaikaan βŠ•
· · ·
Belzei Gertrude βŠ• Belzei Gertrude βŠ•
· · ·
Biblis βŠ• Biblis βŠ•
· · ·
Butler Zakenna βŠ• Butler Zakenna βŠ•
· · ·
Calahan βŠ• Calahan βŠ•
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Characters: Pretty Cure

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Nagisa Misumi Nagisa Misumi Mai Mishou βŠ• Mai Mishou βŠ•
Akudaikaan βŠ• Akudaikaan βŠ• Mepple βŠ• Mepple βŠ•
Belzei Gertrude βŠ• Belzei Gertrude βŠ• Michiru Kiryuu βŠ• Michiru Kiryuu βŠ•
Biblis βŠ• Biblis βŠ• Mipple βŠ• Mipple βŠ•
Butler Zakenna βŠ• Butler Zakenna βŠ• Mizu Shitataare βŠ• Mizu Shitataare βŠ•
Calahan βŠ• Calahan βŠ• Moerumba βŠ• Moerumba βŠ•
Choppy βŠ• Choppy βŠ• Mupu βŠ• Mupu βŠ•
Circulas βŠ• Circulas βŠ• Pisard βŠ• Pisard βŠ•
Dark King βŠ• Dark King βŠ• Poisonee βŠ• Poisonee βŠ•
DoroDoron βŠ• DoroDoron βŠ• Porun βŠ• Porun βŠ•
Flappy βŠ• Flappy βŠ• Princess Filia βŠ• Princess Filia βŠ•
Fupu βŠ• Fupu βŠ• Regine βŠ• Regine βŠ•
Gekidrago βŠ• Gekidrago βŠ• Saki Hyuuga βŠ• Saki Hyuuga βŠ•
Gooyan βŠ• Gooyan βŠ• The Macaw βŠ• The Macaw βŠ•
Hikari Kujo/Queen βŠ• Hikari Kujo/Queen βŠ• Uraganos βŠ• Uraganos βŠ•
Honoka Yukishiro βŠ• Honoka Yukishiro βŠ• Uzainaa βŠ• Uzainaa βŠ•
Illkubo βŠ• Illkubo βŠ• Valdes βŠ• Valdes βŠ•
Juna βŠ• Juna βŠ• Yakata no Shonen βŠ• Yakata no Shonen βŠ•
Kaoru Kiryuu βŠ• Kaoru Kiryuu βŠ• Zakenna βŠ• Zakenna βŠ•
Kiriya βŠ• Kiriya βŠ•

Description: Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure is a Magical girl anime split into 3 series; Pretty Cure, Pretty Cure Max Heart, and Pretty Cure Splash Star. While the first one revolves around Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro and so does the second, which also revolves around Hikari Kujo, a.k.a. the Queen, the third revolves around Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou.

In each series, the girls who star in the anime are polar opposites until they cross paths with each other. When they meet cute little creatures from the Garden of Light/Land of Fountains, they discover that they can transform to battle evil super-villains from the Dusk Zone/Dark Fall, ruled by the Dark King/Akudaikaan and stop them from acquiring the Prism Stones/the seven fountains that feed the World Tree. Together, these girls are Pretty Cure.

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