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Yes! Precure 5Lesu! PuniKyua Faibu ("Yes! Pretty Cure 5") (kana:Yes! γƒ—γƒͺγ‚­γƒ₯γ‚’5)Yes! Precure 5
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Yes! Pretty Cure 5
48 TV episodes
Feb 4, 2007–Jan 20, 2008
Toei Animation
Toshiaki Komura
Adventure, Comedy, FantasyAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Pretty CureFutari wa Pretty Cure
Coco βŠ• Koko βŠ•
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Desparaia βŠ• Desparaia βŠ•
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Karen Minazuki βŠ• Karen Minazuki βŠ•
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Komachi Akimoto βŠ• Komachi Akimoto βŠ•
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Characters: Yes! Precure 5

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Coco βŠ• Koko βŠ• Nozomi Yumehara βŠ• Nozomi Yumehara βŠ•
Desparaia βŠ• Desparaia βŠ• Nuts βŠ• Nattsu βŠ•
Karen Minazuki βŠ• Karen Minazuki βŠ• Rin Natsuki βŠ• Rin Natsuki βŠ•
Komachi Akimoto βŠ• Komachi Akimoto βŠ• Urara Kasugano βŠ• Urara Kasugano βŠ•
Milk βŠ• Miruku βŠ•

Description: Yes! Precure 5

Yes! Precure 5 is a spinoff series from the Pretty Cure series, and is about a normal student named Nozomi Yumehara. She finds Coco, a cute little creature that is looking for a magical book called the Dream Collect. Coco comes from a different world called the Palmier Kingdom.

Nozomi decides to help Coco restore his world, which is in the hands of an organization called the Nightmare Company. A pink butterfly that changes Nozomi into Cure Dream. Of course, she can't work alone so she must choose four students that will help restore the Palmier Kingdom.

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