Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

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Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

Post by KikiMonkeyLover »

Well? Who do you go for?
I mean, you have to give a great explaination why you choose that character's side and why you are against the other.
Can't choose both, only one.
I'm posting this because I just want to hear out people's opinions.
Except for unresonable opnions. Example? Well there are soooo many fangirls out there that would normally say: "Sasuke's hot, so he's better." Ïtachi, because he's so cool and so strong."
That is not what I'm talking about.
My opnion:
I liked Sasuke a loooonnng time ago, but now I completely hate him.......Hmm why is that? Well, I can understand why he turned out like he did, but it makes me mad that he let revange take over his mind. Itachi killed everyone in the Uchiha clan because they were plotting to go against the leaf village. Itachi was only trying to help, and plus, he let Sasuke live and told him to get stronger so that he could kill Itachi, well Itachi felt guilty and that's why he told Sasuke that. Sasuke should be gratefull for Itachi sparing his life. Sasuke also had friends, most close to Naruto, but I guess friendship wasn't enough for him to stop thinking about avenging his village. Sasuke left the leaf village got stronger and killed Itachi.....and now he wants to destory the leaf village.
Doesn't statisfy you? Then ask me questions and I'll try my best to answer them.
Post away.=3
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Re: Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

Post by SASSZAIN »

the worst is Sasuke.
He lets his emotions control everything, instead of using logic as well as emotions. Itachi saved his little brother based on logical emotion. Sasuke seeking revenge is just for emotion
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Re: Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

Post by fangirl »

the worst is sasuke because all he thinks about is revenge and that he's so much better then everybody else
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Re: Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

Post by Believe it! »

Itachi is the worst. He's a mass murderer and a psyho. He killed for power. Plain and simple. He left Sasuke alive so he could test his own power on him later in life. He did not kill to protect the Leaf Village. What threat was posed by the old lady sweeping the street? Or the little kids? If there was a threat then he should have worked with the Hokage. If there was a threat to him or the Leaf then why not just kill the top level Uchiha? Why kill women and children?

You can't say that Sasuke is the worst because most of what he is now is only because of Itachi. Yes Sasuke is a terrible person, and yes he is responsible for his actions, and yes he should have known better, but he is a kid and kids need to be guided in what is right. He got little from his father. His brother was a bad example and then the murderer of his childhood, and Kakashi was not a good mentor either. Not only did he fail to get through to him, but he was reckless in teaching him the Chidori knowing full well what Sasuke's goal was. Again, I blame Sasuke for his own actions, but his feelings and way of thinking were influenced by Itachi, and at least Sasuke never murdered anyone in cold blood. He could have killed Naruto but he chose not to. Why? Maybe because he knew it would have been the wrong thing to do, or maybe he didn't want to let his brother win by doing what he told him to do. In any case, he's not a murderer. So Itachi is the worst.
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Re: Who's the worst? Sasuke or Itachi?

Post by DangerZone »

Itachi was a Leaf Patriot who sacrificed for the greater good, despite being used.

Sasuke is a troubled child with revenge issues who is not at all mature.

Itachi, in my mind is a hero. He infiltrated a major crime organization and did so with the understanding that everyone in his village would hate him for it, but to him it was for the greater good. He sacrificed himself so his little brother could be strong and protect the village and what does Sasuke do?

Try to destroy it. Down with Sasuke!
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