ur top 5

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Re: ur top 5

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I forgot about Sai. He's one of my favorites, too. Naruto is my number one favorite, though ^^
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Re: ur top 5

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1. Naruto (DUH!!!)
2. Kakashi
3. Sasuke
4. Sakura
5. Itachi/Hinata

I'm not sure if i prefer Itachi or Hinata, but they both rock.
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Re: ur top 5

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1. Zabuza
2. Zabuza
3. Zabuza
4. Kakashi
5. Iruka
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Re: ur top 5

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1 naruto
2 neji
3 rock lee
4 kiba
5 shikimaru
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Re: ur top 5

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1]Sasuke Uchiha
2]Shikamaru Nara
3]Rock Lee
4]Kakashi Hakte
5]Sakura Haruno

Re: ur top 5

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Re: ur top 5

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1, Kazekage Gaara-sama
2, Hatake Kakashi
3, Hyuuga Hinata
4, Pein (akatsuki leader) -he has no mercy!!
5, Jiraiya
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