Shaman King names

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Shaman King names

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Does anyone know if Silva, Karimu, Goldba (Shaman Council),Chloe, Kori, Amidamaru, Mosuke, Marco, Nina, Seven, et. al (The X-Laws), and the members of The Niles and Team Star have last names?

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Re: Shaman King names

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Re: Shaman King names

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um...i should :roll:

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Re: Shaman King names

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i know some of them!! :color: :bounce:
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Re: Shaman King names

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No idea...

Well except for Hao ASAKURA on Team Star. :P
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Re: Shaman King names

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Re: Shaman King names

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No clue. ^-^v
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Re: Shaman King names

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ummmm....Ren Tao =)
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Re: Shaman King names

Post by Demon^Itako »

Silver is somehow related to Hao... but isn't Asakura. That's what I know. :? - My SK forum is in DESPERATE need of users...

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