Fire Emblem ♪The Bards Tale♪

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Fire Emblem ♪The Bards Tale♪

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These are the tales of an ancient bard, telling the story of the war between the true Laguzian heir, The Crimean Heir And the Daein Heir.
his old voice wavers as he regales the stories to the young children.

Now you see children this was a long time ago After Athena The Heron Queen, Daughter of Reyson Fell in Love With Ronam, Son Of Pelleas king of Daein, And Elincia Queen of Crimea. They Gave Birth to Fraternal Triplets, one of which had Laguz powers, and the other 2 were simply Branded thus giving them slight immortality.

Then Ashera And Yune got in a fight over the relationship between this Laguz and Beorc royalty. Ashera, Claiming it "immoral", in her rage tried to destroy the world and everyone in it Beorc and Laguz by turning them to Stone. But Yune was prepared for this outcome, she knew what would happen if she interupted Asheras powers but was willing to take the risk, Yune saved a select few Mortals of the Laguz and Beorc race, she knew that these few soldiers would be able to save her and stop Ashera once and for all.

She gave the Three Children Special Abilities to aid them in their quest. Leon, the Laguz, was givin the ability to Change into any 5 Laguz after recieving his coming of age message. To __(2)____, Yune gave the power of persuasion, and The spirit of war, without really knowing it _(2)______ generally got whatever (s)he wished for, and quickly learned all forms of weapons. And last but not least _____(3)__ was givin The Powers of Nature. __(3)___, Upon hearing Yune at her/his coming of age galdr would gain the ability to control the elements and bend them to her/his will.

Of Course, as per consequence of interfearing with Ashera, Yune was turned into Stone until either Ashera was destroyed or the Galdr of tranquility was sung to her stone corpse by the three gifted. Another stipulation was that once they reached 18 an artifact that yune had hidden will call out to them and once found it will sing a galdr to them unleashing their powers.

Ashera, Enraged that Yune would dare interfere with her decision, She tried destroying the youths. She could not undo the blessing yune had bestowed upon them she instead decided to reseperate and wipe the memmories of the now peaceful Tellius, back into Crimea ruled by___(2), Daein now ruled by ___(3), and Gallia ruled by Leon.

The War, as it goes was started because Of the Death And Stand still of time created by Ashera. The rumor was that it was cause by the Betrayal of Ashera to Worship the Dark Goddess by an entire nation. Gallia Of Course though Daein had betrayed the World and plunged it into darkness, Daein Blamed Crimea, and Crimea blamed Daein, Gallia tried to remain out of it all though they really did belive it was daein, they did remain nuetral until Deain, hearing word of thier accusation, suddenly turned and sent the strongest of Mages to reign Death upon all of Gallia Leon did not like this and he knew he could not take on an entire nation nor did he wish to he retreated into Goldoa for Safe keeping as most of the Dragons had died with the Big Bang. Daein soon forgot its rage to wards Gallia and turned back on Crimea killing one of the nobles that had cared for ___(2) from "birth". Crimea blamed Gallia for being absent during all this and Sent Mages to seek out the Gallian Prince.

Our Story takes us to this point where all three nations are warring with eachother and each nation is unclear on the reasons why, where will this take our heroes and what will come of Yune?


1. NO text Talk
2.This is a lit to semi lit Rp so no one liners
3.If you Are unaquainted with Fire emblem but are curious to join read the next post
4. PM Me your profile godmodding flaming and follow Terms of service

Code: Select all

User Name: 
Character Name: 
Character Age: 
Character Gender: 
Character Race: Beorc, Laguz, or Branded 
Character Appearance: [url=Link Here]RP Name Here[/url] 
Character Equipment: (whats Your Weapon) 
Character Class: (Only Starter Classes, unless you are laguz in which case state your animal) 
Character Personality: (What's your character like?) 
Character History: (Short Bio? Country of origin?) 

Fire Emblem Info

The Setting -
back in medival times fire emblem lets you play as a mage a warrior or even an animal the warriors use medival weapons while the mages use magic to conquer their diffuculties and the Laguz simply let their claws do the Talking

laguz are basically people that shift into animals, they can not use weapons such as swords and lances because they only fight in animal form and they use their claws/talons.
Each type of Laguz is weak to a certain magic but they stand well against normal weapons chart below

Fire Magic beats Beast Laguz, lions, tigers, wolves, cats
Wind Magic beats Bird Laguz, Hawks, Ravens,Herons
Lightning Magic beats Dragon Laguz, white, red, black

Beorc (Humans)
there are only two classes of Beorc, Magic Wielders and Warriors

Light Beats Dark,
Dark Beats Anima,
Anima Beats Light.

Anima Magic Cycle

Fire Beats-wind
Wind Beats-lightning
Lightning Beats-fire


This Class of Beorc fights only with Axes Lances or Swords

Sword Beats Axe
Axe Beats Lance
Lance Beats Sword

You know there are an aweful lot of classes so here is a link where you can see All of the classes, Ignore the playable characters column this is customs only ... diant_Dawn


User Name: Sothe_The_Assassin
Character Name: Leon
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Character Race: Laguz
Character Appearance: Leon
Character Equipment: Claw
Character Class: Orignal Laguz Class is Wolf
Character Personality: Fun to be around, Witty, Has Iron Resolve and is Always Level Headed And 3 steps ahead of opponent, he is the wisest of the 3 Children
Character History: Was originally born in the Serenes Forest But to hide the horrible deed Reyson Used a galdr to hide his Heron form in hopes that Athena would not find out, and he disguised him as a Wolf Laguz, Since then Leon has no knowledge of his siblings or his family only that he is the trueborn Laguz King. He tends to avoid Fights although he is the strongest of the current living Laguz. Although he has Deligated Leaders over the different Laguz tribes he is still the common accepted ruler and he prefers this system of leadership because it is more fair to everyone else. Leon is the Wisest of the Three he is also the Youngest of them, The oldest was gifted with Strength, the Middle with wealth and he with Wisdom. it is currently his 18th birthday as is the birthday of the other 2 and they shall soon recieve their message from Yune.



Made Up Classes


TAMER--these are mounted units that Have tamed certain Animals and use them as paladins do horses, they Ride either, Fox(uses Lance), Wolves(uses Axe), Tigers(swords) Ostrich(bow) animals listen 70% of time otherwise rider loses attack that round

RIDER-- These Mounted Units have been practiced in the art of Calvery but ride not horses, Animals have 80% chance of listening

Animals listen 100% of the time these units have completely trained their animals and can wield swords, bows, axes, and lances, also Lion is new option for unit to ride

Heir Class-

Gallian Heir-
Leon Givin his powers at age 18, he is able to Turn Into Any Laguz form he wants.

Crimean Heir-(3)
Able to Weild All Forms Of Magic and Staves

Daein Heir(2)- Able to Weild All Weapons

To Submit a class idea you must Pm it to me with a description and what type of weapon they can use, remember no goddmoding but if it makes sense i will tell you if i approve

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