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Misaki SaikiMisaki SaikiMisaki Saiki (Ghost Talker's Daydream)
Mistress Misaki
· · ·
"Ghost Girl"
Human (albino)Human (albino)
25 years old25 years old
Medium, exorcist, dominatrixMedium, exorcist, dominatrix
Karen ThompsonMasumi Asano
Episode 1, Ghost TalkerEpisode 1, Ghost Talker
Ghost Talker's DaydreamTeizokurei Daydream

Character Description: Misaki Saiki

Misaki Saiki's a very lonely girl. An albino, she was sent over at a young age to live with her father and grandmother. She also had to suffer the taunts of other children because of her unusual appearance. When she got older, she got a job as a dominatrix in one of Tokyo's most notorious S&M clubs. Misaki is used to the various perversions of the male clients she runs into, and is well-trained in how to satisfy their needs. However, this also brings her share of obsessed fans who try to seek her out and stalk her... especially Mitsuru Fujiwara, who constantly sends her text messages on her cell phone.

Misaki Saiki (Ghost Talker's Daydream) But a lot of the time, people seek Misaki out because of her ability to talk with the dead. She often works with the city as an exorcist, helping out distressed spirits into going on to the afterlife. She often works with Souichiro Kadotake of the Livelihood Preservation Group, who just happens to be afraid of ghosts, so he's not much help. Working as a professional dominatrix wasn't in Misaki's plan of life, but she doesn't see being a professional medium any different.

Because she's an albino, Misaki usually limits her exposure to direct sunlight because of her fair skin. She also has bad eyesight... not to mention the unusual quirk of being born not having any pubic hair, which can be a turn-on to some of her professional clients, but can cause others to be freaked out if they caught a glimpse of her naked crotch.

Normally, when confronting departed spirits, Misaki hardly faces any danger. But when she knows she'll be entering a dangerous situation, she has a backup – Kinue. This entity normally appears as a black rope that looks as if it was made of human hair, usually wrapped around Misaki's body underneath her outer clothing. But when Misaki is attacked or she commands it, Kinue glows with a mystical force and attacks, sometimes wrapping itself around it's target, or Misaki using the entity to either restrain or protect someone. However, this often comes as an energy drain on Misaki afterward.

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