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Character Profile: Quatre Raberba Winner

USA Info
Japanese Info
Quatre Raberba WinnerQuatre Raberba Winner (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)
15 years old (born December 12th, A.C 180)15 years old (born December 12th, A.C 180)
Platinum BlondPlatinum Blond
5'1"156 cm
90 lbs41 kg
Type OType O
Pilot of Gundam SandrockPilot of Gundam Sandrock
"War brings sorrow...but we must fight to keep our loved ones from sorrow."
Brad SwaileAi Orikasa
Episode 1: "The Shooting Star She Saw"Episode 1: "The Shooting Star She Saw"
Mobile Suit Gundam WingShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Quatre Raberba Winner

Surrounded by love since a child, Quatre had grown up to be a loving and caring boy. He is often reluctant to kill, and when he does, he will apologize for his action. He is the only heir to the Winner family assests, and being the only male heir and the youngest in the family of a father and 29 sisters, Quatre has many loyal servants and troops protecting him. With such a rich background, he always appeared in the series with a high elegant dress sense and high class manners.

Since the beginning of the series, Quatre has befriended Trowa in a battle. And starting from there, both of them establish an everlasting friendship. Quatre is Arabian and from the L4 Colony. His Gundams are Sandrock, Sandrock Custom, and Sandrock Kai.

Character Description: Quatre Raberba Winner

The Sandrock Gundam In reality the sole male heir (and sole natural child) of the Winner family, Quatre (pronounced KAT-tre) is quite the gentleman. He had been raised with love throughout his life by his father and 29 sisters (all test-tube children; his mother died giving birth to him), and he shows a great repect for life. The Winner family originated in the Middle East until they went to the L4 colony and rose to prominence. Like the Peacecrafts, they're pacifists...so Quatre practically committed the ultimate sin and alienated himself from his family by agreeing to work for Master H and become the pilot of Gundam Sandrock.

Why would such a peacable young man take up arms? Because he knows more about humanity than others are willing to admit. In his mind, Quatre feels it necessary to fight to gain and protect the peace. Even as such, he strives to maintain his own sense of humanity: striving to avoid killing unless he has to and frequently apologizing and questioning himself lest he lose touch with his mission.

The one time he did lose control was when his father chose to let himself die rather than become part of the escalating war. He had already nearly lost himself and his Gundam trying to get to space. Without a family, without a friend, and without a Gundam, he happened to find some old designs the five Gundam creators had previously shelved. So he began work on an ultimate weapon to stop the war. It was the Wing Zero, a Gundam whose design had originally been considered too dangerous to build...because of an infamous interface called the ZERO System. Quatre would discover just how dangerous this new system could be when it drove him to temporary insanity and caused him to go on a rampage, in the process accidentally destroying a space colony. It was only when he nearly killed both Heero and Trowa that he managed to regain his senses. He's been trying to atone for his grievous mistakes ever since.

Quatre is not alone in this fight. The Magwanac Corps is a team of 40 elite mobile suit pilots loyal to the Winner family and who have promised to defend Master Quatre with their lives if need be. Quatre considers them friends more than allies and stands equally ready to protect them.

Quatre possesses significant qualities of leadership which, sometimes, he himself doesn't realize, and he frequently becomes a de facto leader, helping to coordinate team efforts, forming friendships with the rest of the Gundam pilots, and sometimes guiding them (like he did with Heero) when they found themselves lost. It's in fact when Quatre leads that he gains his firmest resolve. By helping Heero find Relena, he helped himself regain his sanity. Heero would later return the favor by helping Quatre face his fears and learn how to control the ZERO System.

Cloaked like a desert nomad, the Sandrock Gundam (codenamed Gundam-04 by the Earth Sphere military) carries both the ruggegness of a desert survivor and the regality of the Winner name. Its main weapons are two shotels (sickle-like weapons) that can be heated for additional penetrating power. Put together with its backpack and the buster shield seen on every Gundam, a combined weapon called the Cross Crusher can be utilized. Quatre once tried to self-detonate Sandrock with himself inside it, but the Sandrock refused the command. Instead, it covered for him while he escaped into space. Upon his return to Earth, Quatre sought out the Sandrock (which had been rebuilt by OZ and then recaptured by Magwanac Corps.) and brought it back into service. Eventually, Sandrock would be modified by Howard to enable it to fight in space, and it would be rechristened Sandrock Kai ("Custom"). Its Cross Crusher ability is traded in for additional long-range firepower and much-needed maneuverability.

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